Sushiro thinks outside the box by letting you stuff yourself with sirloin, kalbi, and chicken tempura sushi.

Sushiro is one of Japan’s most popular kaitenzushi (revolving sushi) restaurants. It’s so popular that in the course of a year, the chain serves 137 million diners a year, which is more than Japan’s total population of 126.7 million people.

With so many people coming through the door, Sushiro tries to offer something for every palate, and it’s always happy to branch out beyond the traditional seafood toppings. “Sushi” technically refers to vinegared rice, after all, not raw fish, and so right now Sushiro is holding its Meat Sushi Fair.

Meat-based sushi isn’t entirely unheard of, but it usually takes the form of a slice of raw meat atop a block of rice. It’s really an acquired taste, but Sushiro’s offerings are bit lower of a hurdle, with flavors designed to be broader crowd-pleasers.

First up is the above-pictured Seared Aged Sirloin, which joins the menu as Japan continues its enthusiastic adoption of the aged beef culinary trend. Sushiro is known for its great value, and at 280 yen (US$2.60) per plate, this is as expensive as anything in the Meat Sushi Fair lineup gets.

For a bolder flavor, the 180-yen Seared Kalbi is Sushiro’s take on Korean-seasoned beef short ribs.

Additional Korean-inspired flair comes in the form of the Yukke-Style Beef (100 yen), with julienned strips of meat seasoned with sesame and spices.

If you’re torn between sushi and tempura, another of Japan’s culinary temptations, you can satisfy both cravings at once with the Sasami Tempura Onigiri (100 yen), which uses the lean, tender portion of the chicken breast.

The Salad-Style Uncured Ham (100 yen) is drizzled with dressing and accompanied by sliced onion and lettuce.

And finally, while they’re not part of the official Niku Sushi Fair offerings, Sushiro’s standing menu includes duck loin

…and sliced roast beef, both for 100 yen.

The Meat Sushi Fair is going on now, and will continue for an unspecified time. Between these mouth-watering meats, Sushiro’s famous French fries, and the chain’s desserts, you could actually enjoy a filling and delicious sushi dinner without eating a single piece of fish.

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