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One of the greatest things in Japan are kaiten-zushi restaurants, where customers sit at a counter and grab little plates of sushi that go streaming by on a conveyer belt. With instant gratification, no language barrier, and a far cheaper price than traditional sushi restaurants, what’s not to like?

One of the most popular kaiten-zushi chains is Sushi Ro, with its low 105 yen (US$1.05) prices. The fish is quite tasty too, enough so that most customers don’t bother with the various non-sushi side dishes the chain also offers. But if you can pull yourself away from the succulent slices of tuna and amberjack for a moment, you’ll be doing yourself a favor to get an order of Sushi Ro’s French fries.

▼ The interior of a Sushi Ro branch

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“Why, I’d never eat French fries at a sushi restaurant!” you might exclaim as you drop your monocle into your cup of Earl Grey tea, or perhaps as you knock over the inkwell you’re using as you practice calligraphy, staining your kimono in the process. But hear us out.

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These aren’t the kind of cheap, bland fries you’d get at a fast food joint, even if they are just 105 yen. They’re closer in taste to what you’d get at a pub as part of an order of fish and chips (which means they’re even better washed down with a nice cold beer). The fries’ freshness makes us think they must be fried right after the potato is cut, and their rough surface texture catches plenty of salt, giving them a flavor with plenty of punch.

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But unfortunately you can’t have it all, and Sushi Ro, being a sushi restaurant first and foremost, doesn’t keep any ketchup on-hand. If you can’t live without it the traditional French fry condiment, we guess you could smuggle in a few packets from outside.

But even plain, the fries are so good that we think everyone should try them at least once. Just be careful with your monocle.

▼ Our fries, ready for their close-up

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