The 20th Anniversary of ‘Cowboy Bebop’ continues to pay dividends to its fans—this time with a phenomenal anime café. 

This café is via “Good Smile x animate café”, and will be open until June 10th.

This particular experience will be available at two different locations: in Akibahara and in Osaka Nihonbashi. But this experience isn’t limited to food and drinks, there’s limited edition merch, too!

Grub To Expect

Honestly, this menu confuses me. They have some REALLY cool homages to the anime. But then they have stuff like Spaghetti and Meatballs. Check out the menu yourself, but I’ll be posting the Bebop specific dishes here.

This is Special Bell Peppers and Beef. Naturally, it comes with no beef. God bless them for doing this. US$7

These are the Mushroom Samba Lunch (Left) and Dinner (Right) options. Lunch comes with a shiitake mushroom burger, grilled mushroom and potatoes, and a mushroom salad. Dinner comes with a mushroom/seafood stew, grilled mushroom and potatoes, bread, and a mushroom salad. (Both $10)

This is “Toys in the Attic”. It’s a crepe with coffee jelly, coffee ice, nuts, caramel, and a cutout of the infamous fridge. Since this episode dealt with Ganymede Rock Lobster, shouldn’t this have been a seafood dish? Oh well. $7

This is the Ganymede Seafood Pizza. It looks like Shrimp, Octopi, Mussels, and Olives… Yikes! This should have been “Toys in the Attic”. $9

Drinks (booze-filled ones)

I’ll preface with some honesty, I really wish they did more here. The cocktail selection seems really basic and uninspired for the Bebop crew.

This is Spike’s Drink. An Old-Fashioned (which he never orders in the show) with assorted nuts, and an admittedly cool chocolate gun. $8.

This is Jet’s Drink, a Cowboy. It’s two parts whiskey, one part light cream. Jet orders this drink in “Jupiter Jazz Part 1”. Now THIS inclusion is absolutely impressive. $7.

And this is Faye’s drink. A martini. Again, not anything special, but she did drink one in “Cowboy Funk”. Props to the research people. $7.

Drinks (non-alcoholic)

God bless the non-alcoholic drinks because this is where the cafe shines.

The Prairie Oyster. While it is typically non-alcoholic, Spike makes his with “Boofeater” gin. Either way, I’m super impressed they included this. Good luck to anyone who orders it. $6.

These are Ed’s wonderful drinks. On the left, we have a Cinderella (Orange/Pineapple/Lemon Juice, Sugar Syrup, and Grenadine) with a lovely orchid ($7). And on the right, we have a cappuccino with an edible film. $6.

The three above represent the crew’s three ships (L to R): Swordfish II, Hammerhead, and Red Tail. The Swordfish II comes with Ginger ale, strawberry puree, tapioca, and rosemary. The Hammerhead is a Mango Lemonade with mint. And the Red Tail is White Water (literally), blueberry syrup, Iced Cream Cheese, Blueberry Sauce, and Cracker. (all $6)


Finally, we have this bear dessert. Just check out these ingredients though: Chocolate pudding, orange peel, chocolate ice cream, brownie, cornflakes, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, chocolate, cookies, and crackling candy. And it’s only $8!!!


This merch is pretty cool. Check out the full set here, but these are the highlights.

These awesome rocks glasses come in sets of two and each cost $20, a true steal.

This bar mirror is incredible. This image has been made just for this event. It comes pre-framed but will set you back $120.

And finally, there’s this Spike Spiegel Lighter. God, this would be an amazing addition to anyone’s collection. Alas, it is $100.

That’s all you nefarious bounty hunters. If you’re interested, head on down to”Good Smile x animate cafe” in Akibahara or Osaka Nihonbashi. Maybe pick me up a lighter as a thank you.

See you Space Cowboy…

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Source, images: animate cafe