One of the most stylish anime in history inspires a set of stylish kicks.

The anime world in the modern age moves at a breakneck pace, when even TV series from three months ago are already considered old news. But even now, a few anime that premiered way back in 1998 can still boast large, enthusiastic fanbases.

One of them is Cardcaptor Sakura, which won over viewers by providing a depth of emotion that could appeal to fans much older than its elementary school-age heroine. But another 1998 anime succeeded by making no bones about being for adults, as Cowboy Bebop went on to worldwide success, opening the eyes of people around the globe to the appeal of mature animation that didn’t have to rely on gratuitous violence, nudity, or profanity to appeal to grown-ups.

20 years on, it’s hard to find another anime that oozes as much style as Cowboy Bebop, and now that stylishness can extend to your own feet, thanks to merchandiser Tokyo Otaku Mode. The company has begun taking pre-orders for a pair of Cowboy Bebop shoes, with an aesthetic that’s a callback to the series’ unforgettable opening animation sequence.

Starting with a jet-black base, the designers have overlaid line art of protagonist Spike’s Swordfish II spaceship/airplane hybrid, which can be seen flying through the credits that preceded the start of each episode. The bright red laces and accents are evocative of the opening’s iconic high-contrast color design, and the insoles feature Cowboy Bebop’s Japanese katakana logo.

A unisex footwear option, the sneakers are made of microfiber leather, providing good looks and flexible comfort, and are offered in sizes between 23 and 29 centimeters (roughly equivalent to U.S. sizes 6.5 to 11).

Orders can be placed here directly with Tokyo Otaku Mode, where the shoes are priced at 12,960 yen (US$115). Shipping is scheduled for late May, which should let you strut your space cowboy kicks all through the summer anime conventions season.

Source: Tokyo Otaku Mode via Comic Natalie via Otakomu
Images: Tokyo Otaku Mode

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