Yokohama Kurikoan’s new limited edition taiyaki cake flavor comes in a striking blue color and has a delightfully refreshing aftertaste to boot!

Taiyaki, the popular Japanese snack made in the shape of a fish using pancake-like dough, is most commonly filled with a sweet red bean paste (anko) inside. But popular taiyaki chain Yokohama Kurikoan is known for offering the treat in unique flavors, and for all the mint lovers out there, they’ve brought back their eye-poppingly blue chocolate mint taiyaki again this year!

▼ From the outside, it may look like any other taiyaki … but wait until you tear it open!

The chocolate mint taiyaki actually first appeared on Yokohama Kurikoan’s menu five years ago, and since then, it’s become somewhat of a seasonal item that they offer around this time of year. And with chocolate mint becoming an increasingly popular flavor in recent years, the unique taiyaki seems to have gained a following among chocolate mint fans, so much so that Yokohama Kurikoan now receives numerous inquiries specifically about this flavor!  But considering that a taiyaki containing a refreshing mint filling infused with chocolate chips isn’t exactly common, we guess it’s not surprising that chocolate mint lovers have come to look forward to the offering each year. Plus, we’re sure the visual impact of the vividly blue chocolate mint cream adds to the allure.

And how does the taiyaki taste? According to one of our Japanese-language reporters who tried it and who also happens to be a huge chocolate mint enthusiast, “There’s no chocolate mint snack that gives you a more cool and refreshing sensation than this taiyaki.  If you drink water after eating the taiyaki, the cool aftertaste becomes even stronger, enough to make you feel physically cold, so it’s perfect for the hot summer!” Well, it sounds like the taiyaki is certain to satisfy anyone looking for an overwhelmingly minty experience.

The chocolate mint taiyaki is available for 195 yen (US$1.80) at Yokohama Kurikoan locations for a limited time until around June 10, but only while supplies last, so if you’re looking for some mint-inspired excitement, you may want to hurry to one of their stores before the flavor runs out!

Reference: Yokohama Kurikoan website
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