Cooling beauty products, minty fresh sweets, and a beautiful hotel–what else could you want?

If you’re looking for a nice, refreshing hotel stay with your friends this summer, look no further than the OMO5 Kyoto Gion Hotel by Hoshino Resorts. The hotel–run by a resort company dedicated to providing unique luxury stays–teamed up with Japanese cosmetic brand Yojiya for a special summer version of the beauty-focused “Yojiya Pretty Girl Room Stay”.

For the collaboration, the characteristic Yojiya logo of a geisha-like beauty on a hand mirror–combined with an uchiwa fan with the OMO name on it–has been decorated with summertime items like wind chimes, shaved ice, lanterns, and fireworks.

The special summertime logo is used to decorate every room, appearing on hand-dyed noren curtains, cooling uchiwa fans, and paper lanterns, giving each the feel of a summer festival. You can also borrow the fans and lanterns for a stroll on the streets of Kyoto.

Plus, Yojiya Summer items, like shampoo, body soap, and facial toner are stocked in the bathrooms, adding more luxury to an already comfortable stay. Included are Yojiya’s “Hinyari Facial Sheets”, cooling face masks based on the Hinyari Body Gel, which was mega popular on social media last year. They smell like refreshing ramune soda and would be perfect for relieving any exhaustion you might feel after traveling. You can also take them home to use later.

The hotel package also includes two kinds of chocolate mint-flavored mini sweets, which are delivered right to your room. The cooling, refreshing flavor of mint coupled with sweet chocolate makes the perfect summer treat, don’t you think? Two lovely, invigorating teas, a Rose Hip and Japanese Rose blend as well as a Mulberry Leaf Roasted Rice tea, are also served. Together with the mint chocolate sweets, they’ll make the perfect relaxing afternoon tea.

If you liked the dessert served at the hotel, you can also head out to one of Kyoto’s two Yojiya Cafes, where you can taste other delicious minty desserts like the “Cool and Refreshing Chocolate Mint Parfait” (1,350 yen [US$9.72]), the “Cool and Refreshing Chocolate Mint Crepe” (800 yen), and the “50 Times Cool and Refreshing Chocolate Mint Parfait” (1,500 yen), which is said to use 50 times more natural peppermint oil for an extra minty blast.

The Yojiya Pretty Girl Room Stay ~Cool Summer Evening~ plan is available now until September 10 and starts at 16,000 yen per person (for a party of two). You also have the option of adding additional services, like a Yojiya skincare lesson, a tour of a shrine of beauty, and breakfast and dinner in your room.

Bookings can be made on the OMO5 Kyoto Gion Hotel by Hoshino Resorts official site up to four days before the date of the stay. Each reservation is limited to one night and one room, so book earlier to secure your night.

Why not spend a summer night in Kyoto at a stylish and colorful hotel in the upscale Gion neighborhood? Maybe you’ll be lucky and book your stay right in time for Gion Matsuri!

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