Recreation of magical pendant from Hayao Miyazaki classic couples with elegantly detailed music box.

As the premier supplier of memorabilia based on the films of Studio Ghibli, Donguri Kyowakoku always has a catalog full of things that anime fans would love to own. Still, the chain really outdid itself when it created a replica of the Levistone from Hayao Miyazaki’s Castle in the Sky Laputa.

Unfortunately, Donguri Kyowakoku did a little too good a job recreating the magical pendant worn by heroine Sheeta, and demand was so high they sold out almost immediately. A restock came much later, but now there’s something even better: an updated version that’s even more faithful to the artifact’s onscreen appearance in the first-ever animated work produced under the Studio Ghibli name.

The new version is officially called the Castle in the Sky Laputa Shining Levistone–Guidance of Light, in contrast to the older model, which bore the subtitle “Power of Light.” The new Levistone’s color was formulated to more closely match the lovingly hand-painted animation cels of the movie, and it lights up randomly in one of two patterns when you say the ancient word of power, balse (barusu, if you’re going by the Japanese pronunciation). The stone also glows softly if you speak the lengthy incantation “rite ratobarita urusu ariarosu baru netorimu,” as taught to Sheeta by her grandmother.

▼ The Levistone can be worn as a necklace or used as a decorative bag/mobile phone strap.

In addition, Donguri Kyowakoku is releasing a companion piece in the form of Laputa’s iconic robot. The 11-centimeter (4.3-inch) tall figurine doubles as a music box which plays an instrumental version of the film’s theme song, “Kimi ni Nosete” as the robot’s eyes and crest light up.

▼ The robot’s video preview

Making the figure even more special is that when you place the Levistone in the tray at its base, you’ll hear the same sound as when the robot awoke after its centuries-long slumber in the anime.

The Shining Levistone–Guidance of Light is priced at 2,600 yen (US$24) and goes on sale June 22, while the 4,800-yen robot music box becomes available for purchase on July 20. Whether you decide to order them separately or as part of a large-scale splurge bundle along with your 30th-anniversary Totoro cel reproduction and Seiko wristwatch is up to you, but considering how quickly the Levistones sold out last time, you might want to jump on the new version sooner rather than later.

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