Ride-by splashing is the third to occur in the same area in recent months.

Sometime after 11 p.m. on the night of July 29, a 30-something woman was walking back to her home in the Bunka neighborhood of Tokyo’s Sumida Ward when a man on a bicycle rapidly approached her from behind. This is similar to the scenario in which a junior high school girl was groped by a manga author elsewhere in Tokyo in June, and sure enough, the Sumida cyclist was also up to no good.

Fortunately, the woman was not grabbed, struck, of otherwise directly touched by the man. However, as he rode past her, he whipped out a plastic bottle and splashed her on the left arm with some sort of yellow liquid.

As you might expect, strange men who ride around in the middle of the night dousing women aren’t trying to show them hospitality by supplying them with refreshing lemonade, and the yellow liquid was, indeed, urine. The woman reported the incident to the police, and after examining security camera footage investigators were able to identify the cyclist as Masakazu Tajima, a 23-year-old Sumida Ward resident.

▼ Tajima, being taken into custody while wearing a T-shirt from Love Live! anime voice actress/idol Nanjo Yoshino’s 2018 concert tour.

When questioned about the incident, Tajima revealed that the urine was his, and that he’d collected it in the bottle specifically to use in the manner he did. “I splashed her with my urine,” he admitted, adding “Her surprised reaction was omoshirokatta,” using a Japanese word that can mean interesting, funny, or entertaining. Regardless of which specific sensation Tajima was most motivated by, the police of course take issue with such behavior, so he’s been placed under arrest and is also now being investigated for his possible involvement in two other ride-by urine-splashing of women in the same part of Tokyo back in April.

Sources: Nitele News 24 via Livedoor News via Otakomu, Nanjo Yoshino 2018 concert tour, TBS News
Top image: Pakutaso
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