When you have children howling the word “impregnate!” over and over again to score, something’s really wrong.

From love hotels to porn magazines in convenience stores, people in Japan — including kids — are exposed to sex-related images on an almost daily basis. Although schools do teach children about the birds and the bees, educators still tiptoe around an issue rarely discussed in public.

Early childhood education company Terakoya Kids wants to tackle the issue head-on, launching a special program that aims to reduce sex-related crimes stemming from inadequate sex education.

Already implemented in its Terakoya Annex facility by a qualified nurse, one of the lessons involves a group of 10 kids aged four to ten playing a card game.

▼ A card game to teach kids about sex? Well, it’s certainly a different idea.

Printed on the cards are cute illustrations of various animals (17 in total) of both sexes, including fish, dolphins, snails, giraffes, elephants and humans. Also present are cards showing just how these animals copulate.

Scoring is achieved by players collecting both sexes of an animal as well as their respective “copulation card.” All would have probably been fine if not for the fact that children also had to shout the word “impregnate” to score.

▼ Imagine a bunch of kids roaring “impregnate!” victoriously.

Children who participated in the card game were reportedly embarrassed at first, but slowly warmed up and began to thoroughly enjoy the experience.

After the game, the nurse got the children to sing a song about “swimsuits covering important parts of their bodies”, accompanied by actions that made them aware of their own “hidden parts.”

Although the majority of Japanese netizens supported sex education, almost all shook their heads at the company’s execution:

“They’re freaking crazy.”
“Is the person who made this all right in the head?”
“Let’s just teach them normally, please.”
“This feels wrong somehow.”
“I want to do this in my company.”

On the one hand, we think it’s great Terakoya Kids dedicated a special program for early childhood sex education. But on the other, it could also be a source of great embarrassment once the kids grow up and learn what they’ve been subjected to. Moreover, we don’t think howling “impregnate!” will really reduce some of the odd sex-related crimes in Japan.

Source: Otona Answer via My Game News Flash
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