Ad featuring high school girls reconnecting with each other makes us feel warm and fuzzy【Video】

Estranged childhood friends, a blackout, and a mobile app are the perfect ingredients for a marvelous story line.

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Company teaches Japanese kids about sex education using questionable animal mating card game

When you have children howling the word “impregnate!” over and over again to score, something’s really wrong.

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Harry Potter and the what?! Netizen’s childhood artwork draws laughs from Japanese Twitter

At first you’ll be impressed with this drawing, but then you’ll want to laugh when you scroll down to see the rest.

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Children’s “randoseru” backpacks star in Japanese ad campaign with whimsical Victorian vibe

We bet your school backpacks were never this haute CUTEoure.

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Remorseful schoolboy accidentally drowns 3DS, writes letter of apology to Nintendo

An eight-year-old boy who accidentally drowned his beloved Nintendo 3DS handheld console has written a heartfelt letter of apology to Nintendo customer service.

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Natsukashii! Japan’s Twitter users in their 30s share items from their youth, get all nostalgic

It’s weird being in your thirties (or thereabouts) in 2015. Kids today have no idea what a struggle it was for us growing up in the days before smartphone selfies, dumb internet trends, and myriad modern technological conveniences. Wait, what are we saying, it was absolutely awesome! For ours was a more innocent childhood, full of VHS tapes, talking on phones connected to the wall by a wire, and clunky dial-up internet that still felt like the greatest thing ever invented.

Japan’s 30s club is no different; they too are nostalgic for the relics of a simpler past. And in this article, we round up 22 nostalgic items that Japanese Twitter users say sum up their idyllic childhoods. But how many of them (if any) are the same as those we in the west enjoyed?

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Our Japanese reporter cleans his childhood room, finds all kinds of nostalgic treasures

Recently, our Japanese reporter Yoshio visited his parents’ house and decided to finally take a stab at tidying up his childhood room, which had been left untouched ever since he moved out. In the process, he was surprised to find many lost relics and treasures from his childhood, and became caught up in a wave of nostalgia for several hours. Needless to say, he didn’t get much cleaning done in the end…

If you’re the nostalgic type, perhaps you’d like to take a peek at the treasures that Yoshio dug up, some from over 20 years ago!

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These houses and cafes in Japan will teleport you into the world of your favorite fairy tales

The picture above looks like it could have been taken at the set of a cute children’s fantasy movie. Or perhaps a theme park. If not those, then maybe a really expensive themed restaurant. In fact, none of those would be correct. These are apartments in Japan. Yes, you can live in them.

Join us after the jump for a beautiful collection of fairy tale-like houses and cafes to delight your inner child.

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