Enako, one of Japan’s most popular and beautiful cosplayers, is ready for her close-ups dressed in an alternate costume of a beloved anime heroine.

Last weekend, the summer Comiket was held at Tokyo’s Big Sight convention center. But while a huge group of cosplayers gathered for the show, one cosplayer’s appearance was an event unto itself.

▼ An alternate angle shows the crowd was just as thick on the other side.

Standing all alone in the eye of that storm of photographers is none other than Enako, commonly referred to as Japan’s number-one cosplayer. Shortly before 11 a.m. on Sunday, Enako had sent out a brief, casually worded tweet informing her fans that she’d be at this field near Tokyo Big Sight at “around noon,” which was all it took for an immensely sized and ardently adoring crowd to gather.


Enako was dressed as Asuna, heroine of the Sword Art Online anime/video game/light novel franchise. While Asuna is always a popular cosplay choice, Enako added extra appeal by wearing the character’s “Titania” outfit from the series’ Fairy Dance arc (which explains the elf-like ears), as opposed to Asuna’s more commonly cosplayed standard costume.

But Enako wasn’t just at Comiket to show off her Asuna outfit. The three-day event is a major source of income for the cosplay pro, and after saying good-bye to her fans in the field, she headed into the halls of Big Sight and changed into a costume of Atago, one of the anthropomorphized warships from mobile game Azur Lane, to promote the title at the booth of publisher Yostar.

And even this doesn’t constitute all of Enako’s Comiket wardrobe. The day before, she’d been selling her newest photo collection, once again dressed in inventively eye-catching attire, with fans arranged not in a thick circle, but a long line to buy their copy of the book.

The book, not surprisingly, sold out, as Enako informed her followers with this tweet of her standing behind a sign announcing that no more copies were available.

Enako has announced, however, that the book is also being sold through her official website. Orders can be placed here, for anyone who’s interested in seeing more of her, which we’re guessing is applicable to a lot of people, judging from the huge crowds she drew at Comiket.

Sources: Hachima Kiko, Twitter/@enako_cos
Featured image: Twitter/@dayonesoudayone