The famous performer even takes a walk on the sexy side by feasting on sushi with a crew of female dancers.

Following the worldwide craze for viral song “Pen Pineapple Apple Pen” back in 2016, charismatic singer and dancer Pikotaro, who performed the hit, has become one of Japan’s most famous faces, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Justin Bieber, the U.S. President, and even the cast of Sesame Street.

Shortly after coming to fame, though, Pikotaro claimed he hadn’t received a single yen from the song, and ever since he’s been working hard to produce more crazy music videos for his fans, presumably in an attempt to make a decent living for him and his swimsuit model wife Hitomi Yasueda, whom he married last year.

While some of his new songs have been a bit of a mixed bag, his latest track has quickly become popular after it was broadcast as a filler between programs on Japan’s national broadcaster NHK at the beginning of the summer.

Called “Can You See? I’m Sushi“, the catchy hit comes with a zany clip that has Pikotaro taking the viewer all around Tokyo while explaining all the different types of popular sushi you can find in Japan.

Take a look at the clip below:

In the video, Pikotaro plays the role of a whacky Tokyo tour guide, who teaches us the words for popular sushi toppings like salmon, crab, tuna, sardine, and bonito, by singing about them in Japanese and English.

▼ It’s not everyday you get to see a piece of sushi sitting on a shuriken ninja throwing star.

As he takes us on a sushi journey, he takes us on an adventure around Tokyo as well, hopping in and out of a taxi that stops off at some of the city’s most famous tourist spots. Pikotaro hams it up for the camera at places like Shibuya, Shinjuku, Shiba Park, the Kabukiza kabuki theatre at Ginza, and at the Gundam statue at Odaiba.

After a tiring day of singing and sightseeing, Pikotaro finishes the day at a sushi restaurant with his female dancers, where the clip winds down with plenty of shameless slow-motion shots showing them all in the throes of near ecstasy as they devour the fish-topped morsels.

Always quick to poke fun at himself, Pikotaro then returns back to his management’s headquarters, where he sees the taxi bill for his outing comes to a whopping total of 55,850 yen (approximately US$500). As he reluctantly reaches into his wallet, he laments, “I’ll need to work more hours”, using the word “baito” which refers to a “part-time job”.

Whether that means he’ll be heading out to work at the supermarket or back in the studio to give us more crazy videos is yet to be revealed. Either way, we’re sure that Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike will be hoping he chooses to do another Tokyo showcase in the future, especially seeing as she’s sung and danced with him before.

Source, images: YouTube/-PIKOTARO OFFICIAL CHANNEL-公式ピコ太郎歌唱ビデオチャンネル