We all get a present because it’s someone else’s birthday.

At the end of August, there was a great emptiness in our hearts and our stomachs. The cause of our sorrow? KFC Japan bringing its glorious all-you-can-eat fried chicken Fridays promotion to a close.

But if there’s one thing even better than unlimited fried chicken, it’s free fried chicken, and that’s exactly what KFC is offering in Japan right now.

We’re sure you have it marked on your calendar at home, but just in case you’ve been so busy that you forgot, September 9 is the birthday of Harland Sanders, the Kentucky legend (and Indiana native) who founded KFC. While the Colonel is no longer with us, KFC Japan is celebrating his birthday by offering customers one free piece of his original recipe chicken between September 7 and 9.

The easiest way to claim your reverse-birthday present is to download KFC Japan’s mobile app (found here) and present it at any KFC Japan location. Alternatively you can try to snag one of the promotional flyers that the company is handing/mailing out, but really, the time spent searching for the physical version of the coupon is time you could be spending eating fried chicken obtained via the digital one.

Customers are limited to the use of one coupon per person per visit, meaning you could theoretically enjoy multiple free pieces before the weekend is done, unless you’re such a KFC fan that you’ve also bought a cake to celebrate the Colonel’s birthday.

Sources: KFC, Peachy
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