do it yourself

We tried making traditional Japanese sweets at home then had some fun with the leftovers

A long-established Kyoto confectionery shop is selling these do-it-yourself kits with simple video instructions.

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Muji’s Nuka Paste for Pickling is perfect for making your own Japanese pickles at home

This is a must-have for tsukemono fans!

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How to make your own sold-out Uniqlo Airism mask in less than two minutes

The latest “brilliant” idea from SoraNews24’s founder.

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How to make a mask out of a coffee filter in just seconds

In less time than it takes to brew a cup of java, you could have a new face covering.

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How to make your own moving conveyor belt sushi shop at home

Miss going out to eat? Bring the fun home with the help of some takeout and toy trains.

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Do-it-yourself funeral kits go on sale in Japan

If funeral hall prices are killing you, this Nagano-based company wants to help make your final purchase an affordable one.

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Awesome Japanese kindergarten magazine comes with sweet DIY capsule vending machine

Magazines for kids in Japan are so cool, even the adults want it.

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World’s simplest build-it-yourself toy train set may also be the cleverest with just three parts

With less than a month until Christmas, hopefully you’ve been working your way through your holiday shopping list. Still, come December 24, you may find that your hectic schedule of professional and scholarly pursuits means you’ve forgotten to get a present for one of the little tykes in your family.

Rushing to the store on Christmas Eve, your spirits may fall as you find the toy department picked clean. Don’t give up hope, though! As long as the hardware section is still stocked, you can make a pretty cool “toy train” with just three incredibly common items.

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Clear and shiny fun – Grow your own crystals!

I’m sure many people out there have been fascinated by the beauty of crystals.  Crystals  come in various  shapes and colors and can be used in many ways, including ornaments and jewelry. Well, if you love crystals, there is reason for you to rejoice, because now you can grow your own crystals with  “Magic Crystal“, the new product from Otogino Co., Ltd. Read More