In Japan, passion for ramen comes at a young age.

Yochien is a Japanese magazine that caters to kindergarteners. While its educational contents target children, the freebies that come with it are often so cleverly made that they fascinate adults too, like that DIY papercraft capsule vending machine that had everyone reaching for their wallets a little while ago.

The latest issue includes a small game for young ones in the form of a realistic-looking bowl of ramen. And as Japanese Twitter user @nano_723 shows, it also comes with a pair of time-based self-moving chopsticks that tug on strands of noodles, as if an unseen consumer is trying to cool down piping hot ramen noodles.

“This freebie from Yochien is too real.”

The free papercraft game is a collaboration with popular noodle company Kourakuen, and the point is to get players to serve up orders of various ramen dishes using tongs and paper ingredients before the chopsticks stop moving altogether.

▼ Can these kids beat the timer?

The delightful game ties in nicely with a section educating kids on what it feels like to work in an actual ramen shop, and feeling the satisfaction of successfully making steaming bowls of delicious ramen in a timely manner.

Japanese Twitter users immediately recognized the toy, as many ramen stores throughout the country make use of similar props for advertisement.

“I’ve seen this at the Yokohama Ramen Museum before!”

After watching the clip, netizens were convinced it was a necessary addition to their homes:

“This is bad. I really want it now.”
“I’m an adult, but I’ve decided to grab this issue of Yochien.”
“It’s so funny! I want this!”
“I’ve bought it already.”
“This makes me want to get it right this instant.”

What an intriguing way to pique the curiosity of children, all the while making learning a fun and interesting experience. Maybe this toy will end up inspiring more kids to make mouthwatering ramen and open a store of their own someday.

Source: Yochien via Twitter/@nano_723, Hachima Kiko
Top image: YouTube/Shogakukan

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