Will this magical fusion of coffee and the world’s favorite soda work out?

When news broke of a coffee-flavored Coca-Cola being released in Japan, fans of caffeine and fizzy soda rejoiced. All except for one person at SoraNews24.

Our Japanese-language editor-in-chief Go Hattori had taken a short vacation in Vietnam a while back, returning with a stash of cool souvenirs that included a Vietnamese can of coffee-flavored Coke. Given its rarity and caffeine potency, Go figured he would only drink when the time was right, and he kept it in the fridge for that very special occasion.

So when Coca-Cola Japan announced that the coffee version would be making a return this year, Go immediately regretted his decision. He really should have cracked the can sooner, but it’s no use crying over spilled Coke now.

▼ The Coca-Cola Plus Coffee will be going on sale in Japan soon.

Go’s mind reeled in shock and anguish. But as he slowly took his precious can out from the fridge, a part of him started grasping at straws and found something unexpected.

▼ The volume was an astonishing 330 milliliters.

Given that the new Coke would only be 250 milliliters, that would make the one in Go’s hands much bigger and well worth the effort of lugging it all the way back from Vietnam.

▼ What’s more, those mysterious “Thêm Cà Phê” words on
the top probably meant something else entirely!

▼ Unfortunately, all it meant was “Added coffee”. Talk about getting his hopes up.

▼ Deflated once again, Go poured the contents into a glass…

▼ … and marveled at the fact that it looked exactly like a cup of black coffee.

▼ He took a tentative sip…

▼ …and a strong burst of coffee flavor assaulted his senses.

▼ The familiar aftertaste of Coke trailed closely behind.

▼ No matter how many times he drank it…

▼ …the taste profile always started from coffee and faded into Coke.

Go loved coffee and Coca-Cola, but the powerful fusion of both proved a little too much for his mind to handle. Nevertheless, he felt it oddly satisfying to simultaneously consume both and reckoned it would definitely jump-start a sluggish day at work.

When the 250-milliliter version is released in Japan, there may be those who just don’t find it to be enough, so no worries! All you have to do is go to Vietnam and get the 330-milliliter version instead. And no matter which you go which, they’re both still going to be less unsettling than transparent coffee for sure.

Images: ©SoraNews24
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