Coca Cola is such a popular brand that it seems unnecessary to even have to explain the taste. Love it or hate it, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who’s never tried it. But how many of us have experienced the true essence of Coca Cola’s flavor and aroma?

Apparently, Coca Cola is like our brains in that we only make use of a faction of its true worth. By drinking it out of ordinary plastic cups, bottles made of ice, or gutters, precious flavor is squandered leaving you with a substandard product.

Enter premium wine glass maker Riedel and their glass designed to heighten the Coca Cola experience to new levels. We sent our resident Cokehead Mr. Sato down to the Japanese release of the Coca Cola + Riedel glass for a taste test.

This glass was made at the request of Coca Cola’s Global Drinkware Manager Brad Fields who wondered if the Riedel family’s company could produce a glass that does for Coca Cola what it has traditionally done for wine. Seeing this as a way to expand to younger customers, Georg Riedel took up the challenge and the Coca Cola + Riedel glass was born.

It had been released in the USA back in January of this year, but it wasn’t until 1 October that the glass got released in Japan, and our Mr. Sato was able to get a sneak peek during a press event in Tokyo on 30 September.

The event was hosted by Georg’s son Maximillian, the 11th generation CEO of Riedel who taught all those in attendance the proper usage of this high-end Coke glass. Mr. Sato watched studiously… when he wasn’t busy taking photos of Mr. Riedel.

When the glass was placed in front of him, Mr. Sato admired the simple yet elegant beauty of its design. He picked it up and was surprised at how light and thin it felt in his hand. It seemed extremely delicate yet secure at the same time and comfortably conformed to his palm. Even when the rim was pressed against his lips it felt gentle to the touch. This was truly the craftsmanship that earn Riedel its reputation in the world.

As he poured the cola into the glass he was in for another surprise: The bubbles were very small and delicate looking. Riedel explained that this was because of the extreme smoothness of the glass’ interior. Ordinary plastic cups are relatively rough and generate bigger and sloppier bubbles.

Indeed, after taking his first sip, it was amazing how the Coca Cola glided across his tongue to the back of his mouth. It wasn’t like when you usually drink Coke and it smacks you in the mouth with a violent bubbly splash; this cola slid along the inside of Mr. Sato’s mouth and down his throat like silk. It was so smooth he could feel the cola sink deep into his body. Afterwards the aroma would creep back up with all the pleasantness of a warm blanket.

Also, as he raised the glass to his mouth Mr. Sato was hit by a unique aroma. It was Coke but there were also other previously undetected elements to the smell reminiscent of lemon and cherries. He felt sure that this was the true potential of Coca Cola.

In the end, Mr. Sato felt that it would be hard drinking Coca Cola from his “World’s Sexiest Reporter” mug again after this experience. He recommends the Coca Cola + Riedel glass to anyone who loves Coca Cola’s classic drink. It’s pricey at 3,240 yen (US$29) for one and 4,320 yen ($39) for a pair, but what price can you put on maximizing your cola drinking experience?

Original article by Mr. Sato
Photos: RocketNews24

Here’s the Coca Cola glass, very beautiful indeed

The bottom of the glass shares the logos of the two companies

It’s a large glass but also very light and thin

The glass also helps to keep the drink chilled

The texture of the bubbles is very fine

Compared to Coca Cola in a plastic cup

It was different from any Coca Cola before it