Tokyo is a magnet for the fashion-conscious crowd but none of them are as fashion-forward as 15-year-old Hikaru.

Tokyo’s Harajuku neighbourhod is one of the top destinations for young cosplayers and fashionistas around the country, who come to the area in droves on weekends to show off their creative outfits and simply hang out on the streets hoping to be seen and photographed by passersby.

With so many bright and colourful characters out and about on any given weekend though, it takes a very special outfit to really stand out, and one person who did just that recently was 15-year-old Hikaru, who was spotted wearing this unusual combination.

Photographed by, an online magazine devoted to style, clothing, and accessories in Tokyo, Hikaru was spotted on Omotesando-dori, a broad, tree-lined avenue sometimes known as Tokyo’s Champs-Elysees.

With famous brand name shops, and more adult clientele than the area around Harajuku Station and nearby Takeshita Street, Hikaru’s location is actually quite fitting, given the upmarket brands he’s wearing.

▼ Perhaps America’s Got Talent winner Kenichi Ebina was the inspiration for this jacket-over-the-head concept?

Still, Harajuku’s many second-hand clothing stores make brand-name shopping relatively affordable, and judging by Hikaru’s collection of photos, high-quality clothes are the basis for a number of his outfits, which are altered and accessorised to create his eclectic personal style.

▼ His fashion sense has even caught the eye of Vogue.

Hikaru first showed off his oversized jacket and rope suspenders back in June, where he added the amusing hashtag “#お父さんの服をオシャレに着ようと頑張った小学生”, which translates to “The elementary school student who tried hard to make his dad’s clothes fashionable.”

Though he’s not an elementary school pupil anymore, he’s still a student at high school, which is hard to believe, given his incredibly confident fashion choices and mature eye for details.

After attracting so much attention at such a young age, Hikaru’s bold fashion statements point to a long and successful career in fashion for his future. And if he’s ever looking for a job, he might want to give Kanye West a call – perhaps they could collaborate on the rapper’s mysterious upcoming project or come to an agreement about his too-small Yeezy slides and “The Japanese Way”.

Source: My Game News Flash
Featured image: Instagram/fragile____0000