We learn the true meaning of friendship and heartburn.

Our website was recently asked to help promote the recently-released anime Monster Strike The Movie: Sora No Kanata, based on the hugely popular (in Japan at least) smartphone game of the same name.

The film follows a group of warriors and monsters — led by a mysterious blue-haired girl Sora — who join forces to save the world from having Tokyo fall on it. That might make more sense when you realize that in the movie Tokyo happens to be floating about a kilometer above ground, as seen in the trailer below.

This motley crew must work together and trust in each other’s newfound friendship to save humanity and monstrosity alike as summed up by the film’s tagline: “Fight together! Believe in your friends!” Our writer Ahiruneko really liked that aspect of the movie and decided to emulate it right here in our offices. Much like in Monster Strike, he was going to assemble a group of heroes and take on a major threat.

Longtime readers of our site will no doubt know that our major threats always come in the form of regular food served in unholy portions. So, Ahiruneko went to major curry restaurant chain Coco Ichibanya and ordered an “All-Topping Curry.” This isn’t an actual menu item the restaurant offers, rather something our writer concocted and negotiated with the store’s manager.

We actually attempted an all-topping curry back in 2012, but the menu has expanded considerably since then resulting in a much bigger serving this time. According to the staff who were kind enough to honor our ridiculous request, it was going to weigh about 5 kilograms (11 pounds) altogether.

▼ All-Topping Curry circa 2012.

With the dish set, Ahiruneko set about assembling his team. He quickly enlisted Go Hatori and P.K. Sanjun to the cause, but he needed one more essential member

When it comes to eating lots of stuff at once, there is perhaps no warrior in Tokyo mightier than Mr. Sato. However, when Ahiruneko called, our most gluttonous reporter declined, saying that his new hobby of pole dancing meant he had to watch his figure from now on and that he had since retired from all forms of pigging out.

It was a shocking let-down, but the All-Topping Curry was on its way and Ahiruneko needed a fourth member quick. He dragged a member of our sales staff, Jun-kun out of the back office to eat as well. However, he noticed a disturbing lack of enthusiasm for the battle ahead in Jun-kun.

To remedy that, Ahiruneko dressed the number-cruncher up as the Monster Strike character Lu Bu, a monster so full of raw power that he must be kept in stocks and shackles at all times.

The transformation was a success and everyone looked ready to eat when suddenly, the All-Topping Curry approached!

The Coco Ichibanya staff said they had underestimated the size of the curry and it turned out becoming 7 kilograms (15 pounds) of curry roux, rice, pork, beef, chicken, pickles, eggs, oysters, spinach, and more!

The total had come to 13,103 yen (US$115).

Also, no dish in our office was capable of holding the All-Topping Curry, so Ahiruneko had to get a cabinet drawer to hold it all. It looked like an entire ecosystem with a sea of curry lapping against a continental shore of rice topped with lush vegetation and rocky hills of fried and grilled meat.

The stage was set and our team prepared for battle. There was to be no Mr. Sato, but nevertheless these gentlemen were hardly novices themselves and believed in each other to able to reach the bottom of this trough.

Spirits were high as the men embarked on their first series of tasty battles.

Ahiruneko began to think that perhaps this wasn’t going to be so hard after all.

Just then he looked to his side and found Jun-kun struggling.

Because of the shackles he was unable to reach the curry. This was going to be a problem.

Luckily, Ahiruneko stepped in to help by cramming some spoonfuls of meat and sauce down Jun-kun’s mighty gullet. Now that’s teamwork!

Just as the crisis was being averted, a shriek broke out from the other end of the table. It was P.K. Sanjun. He had spotted his most fearsome enemy: the smelly fermented soy beans known as natto.

“Ahgggh, naw man. No one said there’d be natto.
I can’t go on. Game over, man. Game over!”

But before P.K. could completely lose hope, Go Hatori selflessly stepped in between them and took on the natto by himself.

One by one, Go absorbed the brunt of each slimy bean’s attack while P.K. sat back and cried. Once again, their friendship and teamwork were saving the day.

With the coast clear, the crew continued on their journey. However, the sheer size of the All-Topping Curry was taking its toll.

It was unstoppable, as if all the crushing weight of destiny itself had manifested into a drawer filled with curry.

As he slowly gnawed on an eggplant, Ahiruneko calculated that each of the foursome would have to eat about 1.75 kilograms (3.9 pounds) to finish the job.

And without the use of his arms, Jun-kun was virtually useless, meaning the curry was really only being split by three people.

It was beginning to look bleak when a mysterious blue-haired figure appeared at the door.

The stranger slowly opened the door and crept inside….

Everyone was too deep in a greasy haze to notice.

She stealthily moved into the corner of the room…

…sexy but dangerous.

Before they knew it, our heroes were face to face with none other than the scantily-clad heroine of Monster Strike The Movie, Sora!

Yes there was no mistaking this was her, no doubt she was attracted to all the camaraderie and battle going on and decided to pay a visit.

Like a appetite-inducing fairy, Sora fluttered from eater to eater offering shoulder rubs of encouragement and rousing battle hymns with her angelic voice.

Ahiruneko also began eating faster, but it seemed to be more to get away from Sora as quickly as possible. I guess she just wasn’t his type.

Even Jun-kun was able to take part again thanks to Sora’s assistance.

The spirit of “Fight together! Believe in your friends!” was alive and well at this table.

Despite everyone’s weary face their hearts were shining and before long, the bottom of the curry drawer began to reveal itself. Then…

▼ …finished!!!

Yes, whether it’s stopping Tokyo from destroying Earth or eating a big ol’ drawerful of curry, nothing can impede the power of friendship. It’s just a shame Mr. Sato couldn’t have been here to share in all this, if for no other reason than to get an eyeful of Sora — rrrrrawr!

Images: ©SoraNews24
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