When was the last time you bought a pair of socks for only US$0.89?

Purchasing extremely-affordable fashion can be a rather tricky affair, as our Japanese language reporter Go Hattori found out when he recently bought some really cheap but overly tight boxer briefs.

Nevertheless, few things in life can compare to the joys of finding a surprising piece of quality clothing on the cheap. Go had little luck in finding budget socks so far, however, but a recent patrol around 100-yen store Can Do yielded two decent-looking pairs.

▼ Unfortunately, the socks featured on the right were so loose that
they were immediately thrown out…

▼ …leaving a pair of light and warm ankle socks (100 yen, US$0.89).

▼ “What’s this label about?” questioned a puzzled Go.

Unfamiliar with the LYCRA brand, Go did a bit of research on the Internet and was astounded that it was an American invention. One Japanese website said of the elastic fiber:

“LYCRA® Fiber is a transparent synthetic fiber that boasts unparalleled elasticity. Fine as a spider web, it can stretch four to seven times its length when pulled and return to its original form when released.”

▼ Eyes widening in surprise, he found another label that read “THERMOLITE”.

Another search revealed it to also be a well-known overseas brand specializing in fabric insulation, which turned out to be perfect wear for autumn and winter.

▼ “How can this wonderful combination of fabric technology cost only 100 yen!?”
exclaimed an excited Go.

▼ Without further ado, he slipped the pair on…

▼ …and wriggled his toes around like he always did when wearing socks.

“Wow! These fit on rather nicely.”

“It’s like snug underwear for feet.”

▼ To see how they actually look when wearing shoes,
Go tried them on with his trusty sneakers…

▼ …the leather shoes that he rocked on Friday nights…

▼ …and the pair of dusty old sports shoes he kept around the house for ages.

▼ The material was light and breathable, yet was able to keep his feet comfortably warm.

Perhaps the only drawback was that the socks were quite thin, similar to how women’s stockings felt. Wearing them in a hurry might not be the wisest choice, as excessive pulling might bust a hole in the delicate fabric.

▼ No shrinkage or loosening after going through the washing machine, either.

After a full day wearing his newly-bought ankle socks and washing them, they still felt as comfortable and fresh the following day, a much better investment than his colleague’s quirky toe socks.

“What a prized find,” Go thought happily to himself as he headed down to Can Do to purchase another three pairs.

Source: Toray Opelontex, LYCRA, THERMOLITE
Images: ©SoraNews24

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