Go Hattori tastes the forbidden fruit of Japan’s rock-bottom-priced goods.

The 100-yen stores of Japan are stocked full of almost anything you’d need in any particular chore from preparing a disaster kit to converting your home into a batting cage. Browsing through the aisles, you’re bound to find a very specific item, like a joke box cutter that looks like it’s slicing through your finger, and think to yourself, “Huh, I wonder what situation I’d have to be in to want to buy something like that?”

For our resident 100-yen store aficionado, Go Hattori, that item is a five-pack of paper underwear. Since the 100-yen store usually does sell regular fabric underwear too, it’s an interesting mental exercise to wonder what would make someone opt for the paper.

Medical conditions spring to mind, but the package shows that these underpants are clearly marketed to everyone who’s “traveling, on business trips, or doing outdoor activities.”

The clear benefit is that you get five pairs per 100-yen (US$0.94) pack which boils down to 20 yen ($0.19) a piece. However, that still feels like ordering a pizza and getting five heads of cabbage instead.

Go bought these intriguing garments and brought them home to try both the men’s and women’s versions out. The nice thing about them is that the package is very unassuming. They might even pass for a pack of fancy snack cakes at a glance.

Go pulled out a men’s pair of paper briefs first. It was compactly rolled up and fit into the palm of his hand.

He excitedly began unfolding his new toy like a kid on Christmas morning, only to find…

…it was just a pair of paper briefs. Go wasn’t sure why he was expecting anything more, but there was still a sense of disappointment in the air.

Go quickly went and tried them on and insisted that we film him doing it. We didn’t really see the need, but every time we tried to stop the camera he snapped, “No! The people need to see this.”

And so, SoraNews24 is proud to present: A man in his 40s wearing a 20-yen pair of paper underwear.

And here it is from every angle.

And finally, a sexy butt shot through Go’s sheer rear. As you can see, the manufacturer managed to minimize material costs by making everything semi-transparent except the front and sub-groinal region.

The briefs themselves were not terribly comfortable, but they weren’t horrible either. They were just kind of there for better or for worse.

Next, it was the women’s “shorts type” paper underwear. The name would suggest more coverage…

…but no. It looked pretty much identical to the men’s briefs.

Decency standards prevent us from showing you these from the front angle, because, unlike the men’s type, these are transparent all over. On the bright side, they do seem to leave less of a visible panty line.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison for what it’s worth.

Here you can easily see how the women’s type leaves little to the imagination.

So, in conclusion, we strongly recommend that any guy out there who wants to get a little wild when choosing their paper underwear, refrain from doing that and stick with the kind designed for them. In fact, women might as well go for the men’s type too, since you get the most bang for your buck in terms of material that way.

It’s certainly a good tip we’ve learned today, but we’re still not sure why someone would go for a pair of paper underwear on their business trip in the first place. Still, Go got to take his clothes off on camera again, and we’re pretty sure that was the reason for this whole thing to begin with.

Images: SoraNews24
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