All signs point to a hungry spirit desperate for a bowl of hot noodles.

Japan is famous around the world for its vending machines, which commonly dispense a wide variety of beverages and canned soups on almost every street corner around the country. And if you’re hungry for a meal, Japanese vending machines have you covered too, offering fruit and hot meals for your convenience at any time of the day or night.

Sometimes, though, vending machines seem to have a mind of their own, making us wonder if they’re possessed or simply being operated by someone from the spirit world. That’s when they’re so eager to please that sometimes they don’t know how to stop themselves…quite literally, if this video is anything to go by.

▼ “Yesterday I went to this udon noodle vending machine in the dead of night and panicked when I encountered this strange phenomenon.”

The video above was filmed by Japanese Twitter user @yy5u6aru8668, who said they came across the scene at 3 in the morning. Everything about the clip is eerie, from the lighting to the gently swaying piece of plastic in the foreground (is that an udon noodle? what on Earth is that all about?) and it’s something we definitely wouldn’t want to see on our own in the middle of the night. Then, bowl after bowl of freshly made udon noodles comes tumbling out of the machine, one after the other, falling onto a green mat placed there to mop up small drips, not major spillages like this one.

With Halloween less than a week away, Twitter users were quick to react to the spooky video, giving it thousands of likes and retweets, and leaving comments like:

“It’s ALIVE!!!”
“This must be the work of a poltergeist.”
“Maybe it’s AI, trying to persuade you to eat udon.”
“It might be a malfunction, but it’s creepy all the same.”
“This is like a dream come true! You should’ve gone in and grabbed yourself some free all-you-can-eat udon!”

To their credit, the uploader of the video says they didn’t want to touch the noodles because they hadn’t paid for them. But it’s probably best they didn’t interfere with what was going on — after all, nobody wants to get in between a hungry spirit and their udon vending machine.

Source: Twitter/@yy5u6aru8668 via Jin115
Images: Twitter/@yy5u6aru8668