Cat Crow Top

It might sound like a strange coupling, but there’s actually a valid reason for this six-part collection!

Japan’s premier capsule toy creator Kitan Club is never one to shy away from the weird and unexpected. They’ve given us drink bottle panties, futons for mobile phones and sheep hats for kitties, and now they’re back again with an equally bizarre lineup of gacha vending machine capsule toys, called the “Bosom Buddy Animal Series”. The first instalment in the lineup is the cat and crow collection, featuring six weird and wonderful new miniature figurines.

▼ The “Union” style comes in two varieties, with a happy-looking crow taking shelter beneath a rather forlorn-looking cat.



While crows and cats aren’t usually seen hanging out together, if you’ve seen the jaw-droppingly enormous and powerful-looking jet black crows in Japan, you can imagine that the intimidating bird would be the boss in the relationship.

Cat Crow Top

▼ The “Snuggle” variety has the two sitting side-by-side on the ground.


▼ Though the cat doesn’t appear to be any happier about the situation!


▼ The “Tease” style finally shows the two playing together, with the cheeky crow nipping at the kitten’s nose.

006▼ And this time, the cat doesn’t seem to mind!

The six-part series was designed to coincide with 6 September, which is known as “Karasu no Hi” or “Crow Day” in Japan, due to the fact that the numbers for nine (ku) and six (roku) combine to make the word “kuro“, which sounds like the word “crow” in English, and the word for black in Japanese.


The figures, which retail for 200 yen (US$1.93) each, go on sale at gacha capsule toy vending machines around the country today.

Images: Kitan Club

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