No serious injuries were reported, but alpaca productivity ground to a halt for the day.

Violence erupted at the Animal Friendship Center of Niigata’s Ikutopia Shoku Hana park, when two alpacas began fighting in their stall. The scene was caught on video and posted to Twitter by user Chimachan (@nn930310), but viewer discretion is advised for those creeped out by long, wobbly necks.

It’s not entirely clear what triggered the slow-motion brawl, but it is believed to have been sparked when the two alpacas in question showed up to a gathering with the exact same haircut.

Since awkward fighting of this nature is exactly the opposite of what the Animal Friendship Center stands for, staff were quickly on the scene to give the generally gentle beasts a stern talking to.

Clearly traumatized by their admonishment, the alpacas slowly resumed their daily activities. The brown alpaca tried to forgive and forget, but as shown in the following video, the white alpaca was clearly still sore about the incident and proceeded to give a world-class stink-eye.

The brown alpaca tried to ignore it but couldn’t. Tensions continued to rise in the stable until the two belligerents once again crossed noodly necks.

However, torn between their rage at one another and not wanting to get lectured by the human staff again, the combatants simply shut down and remained frozen in place. The other alpacas followed suit, because it seemed like the thing to do.

The dramatic video got over a million views on Twitter, but viewers seemed largely amused and unconcerned with the rage and violence depicted within.

“I like watching their little heads bobble around.”
“Alpacas really aren’t designed for fighting.”
“Fight! Fight! Fight!”
“It’s probably because that space is too small for so many alpacas.”
“It’s like watching two-bit otaku fight.”
“They’re showing amazing restraint by not spitting on each other.”
“That takes me back to high school.”
“Pfft, they fight like okapis.”

Clearly these people don’t appreciate the gravity of the situation. Any further outbreaks of general roughhousing might damage the alpacas’ reputation in Japan along with their lucrative careers as paid wedding guests and dating simulator stars.

Source: Twitter/@nn930310, My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@nn930310