Perhaps it turned out to be way better than the real thing.

Whether it is a drunk passengers peeing on someone or an in-flight moaning competition, the oddest things seem to occur on airplanes, much to the detriment of everyone on board.

While Japanese Twitter user @kooo_TmS_suke did not encounter something quite so wild on his flight, one recent incident he experienced did come rather close.

“When cabin attendants came around asking us if we wanted something to drink,
the man beside me blurted out, ‘Give me a window.'”

The passenger had presumably chosen a window seat, but rather than being greeted with a stunning view of the pristine white clouds outside, there was only a blank cabin wall where the window should be. Naturally, this would have upset the man since he was unable to enjoy the biggest perk of having a window seat.

▼ The flight attendant quickly returned with a piece of paper
and promptly taped it to the wall.

▼ On closer inspection, @kooo_TmS_suke realized it was a
hastily drawn picture of an airplane window.

It is not known if the man appreciated the azure blue clouds and tranquil ocean featured on the drawing, but Japanese netizens sure did:

“That’s really clever.”
“Great thinking by the attendant.”
“From the way he’s sleeping, I’d say that dude was satisfied.”
“How lucky he must be to be gifted with a such a unique scenery.”
“What a compassionate world we live in.”

It might not have been a real window, but it was the best the cabin attendant could do in short notice to deal with the passenger’s somewhat unreasonable demand. We are just glad that he was not an annoying flight troll, because that would have definitely ruined everyone’s mood.

Source: Twitter/@kooo_TmS_suke via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@kooo_TmS_suke