A new cafe chain has taken flight in South Korea, bringing “first class” relaxation service to shopping malls with its airline concept.

Many of us have flown on airplanes, but only a small percentage of air travellers have flown first class. To eternal economy class passengers such as myself, the first class cabin is this untouchable, mysterious space of luxury, a secret clubhouse on the plane that is so near yet so far. We know that it exists and what it looks like, but we’re not allowed in.

It’s like an elder sibling’s secret hideout that has a “Cool Kids Only” sign on the door, all over again.

Nevermind if real first class cabins are beyond reach, we can always play make believe! Designed with an airline theme and branding itself as a “healing cafe”, First Class has landed in several malls in South Korea to pamper tired shoppers, because we all know shopping can be a very exhausting affair.



At the First Class cafe, passports are not required to get onboard, and the service menu, which includes massages and an “inflight” meal, is a tired shopper’s one-way ticket to cloud nine.


For 6,000 Won (US$5.15), “passengers” get a boarding pass to enjoy a 15-minute full body massage in one of the First Class massage chairs while getting some rest under a revitalizing eye mask, plus a serving of waffles and a beverage. Not to mention, the cabins are also equipped with charging points to freshen up your mobile devices too!


▼ Each cabin is a semi-private space where you can enjoy your “me time”.


▼ Blue skies and fluffy white clouds outside your “window” make for the perfect getaway!



First Class also has special machines that can print pictures on ice cream or latte. If you’ve ever felt the urge to bite someone’s face off, this’ll be a good chance fulfill your desires without getting up close and personal with the law.

Apart from shoppers who are worn out from their store-to-store scavenging battles, we can imagine such “healing cafes” being popular among the other halves who have to wait for their shopping heroes to return with their victory hauls. And for office workers, 15-minutes on a massage chair sounds like truly royal treatment, don’t you think?

For store information, check out the First Class official website.

Source: The First Class
Images: The First Class, blog naver