The newest line of wearable Sailor Moon merchandise features the famous felines from the series!  

Premium Bandai’s new Sailor Moon product may not have any Sailor Scouts, but instead shows off the adorable mother-daughter cat duo of Luna and Diana. Their new line of  “Luna and Diana Soft and Fluffy Loungewear” is sure to keep you comfortable as well as providing a bit of cosplay-like fun.

Let’s take a look at the individual items, shall we?

The “Soft and Fluffy Zip-up Parka” (8,964 yen, US$79) is easy to throw on. The best part is that the hood comes with super cute cat ears and the feline characters’ trademark crescent moon mark as well.

▼ Look at the lovely details on the hood!
We love the embroidered golden crescent moon.

They also have the “Soft and Fluffy Long Parka” (9,288 yen) which is in a longer, pull-over design that can be worn with bottoms or on its own as a one-piece item.

▼ The hood comes with the same cat ears and moon mark as the zip-up parka.
The pocket on the front is embroidered with the logo “Sailor Moon” and a paw print.

And now, for the matching bottoms! The “Soft and Fluffy Short Pants” (6,480 yen) have an attractive, slightly-rounded silhouette and should be really easy to move around in.

And lastly, we have the “Soft and Fluffy long Pants” (7,344 yen), perfect for keeping warm on cold winter nights.

▼ Both the short and long pants have a pocket on the back carrying the
trademark crescent moon mark, along with an “L” for Luna or a “D” for Diana.

All the loungewear items come in a Luna (black) or Diana (gray) version, and in Medium or Large sizes. You can mix and match the top and bottoms as you like!

▼ See the different looks you can go for
with either the long or short parka and pants.

▼ And it’s definitely important that you look cute from behind too!

Bandai is now taking orders for the loungewear on their premium website until 11 pm on November 18, and the items are scheduled to ship out in February next year.

Now that the weather is getting too cold for Sailor Moon yukata-wear here in Japan, this loungewear seems like a lovely way to to keep warm and have some moon prism power-inspired fun!

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Top Image: Premium Bandai product page (1)
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