Despite copious amounts of blood flowing, both men carry on with the job at hand.

On 5 December, the Golden State Warriors soundly defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers 129 to 105 with Stephen Curry earning 42 points and Kevin Durant picking up a double-double. But the real show began during the South Korean post-game commentary on SPOTV by Cho Hyun-il and Park Chan-woong.

As the two were discussing the game of the day an embarrassing medical incident befell Cho.

As Park talks to the camera Cho suddenly feels a wet trickle hit his lips. He is startled after touching it with his finger and seeing the crimson red blood, but keeps his composure and continues talking with Park as more blood pours out of his nostril.

This is all unbeknownst to Park who is facing the camera at the time. Even when he turns to Cho for a moment he doesn’t quite see it, but is prompted to do a double-take so perfect you’d think it was scripted.

Even still, Park shows himself too to be a consummate professional and only lets a brief “oh” escape his lips before returning to the post-game analysis.

A few days later, the clip was picked up by a user of the Chinese social network Sina Weibo, where it went viral. Comments from both China and Korea were a mixed bag of amusement, respect, and concern for the health of Cho.

“Did he just see a cute cheerleader or something?”
“Sorry, I know I shouldn’t but this made me howl.”
“This is not funny. It is a serious medical problem.”
“This is nothing to laugh at. It happened to me once at a meeting. I put up with it at the time, but went to have it checked afterward and was hospitalized for a month.”
“That was too scary for me to laugh.”
“Their professionalism was very high. Even the other newscaster was surprised but kept on going.”
“I hope they aren’t working Cho Hyun-il too hard.”

According to the Mayo Clinc, it is possible for nosebleeds to be a symptom of serious illnesses like hemophilia, leukemia, or tumors, but they are considered uncommon. Normally, dryness inside the nose caused by dry air or nose-picking are the main culprits when it comes to hemorrhaging of the nostril.

Strangely, despite numerous reported cases in anime, pretty girls are not listed as a possible cause, which rules out cheerleaders. In addition, Cho spoke to media following the incident and said that he was in good health and not overworked. He added that he had never even experienced a nosebleed in his life, let alone one so torrential.

So all’s well that ends well for these two who will now have a nice addition to their personal sizzle reels, and even the NBA who probably got a nice little boost in awareness in China and Korea too. It just goes to show that when life hands you a nose full of blood, you make…uh, blood pudding I guess.

Source: Dispatch, Toychan, Record China
Images: YouTube/@hyeon-il-ihyeong kopi yuyu