Fate smiles upon us as our reporter receives the weaponry of a noble hero.

Our Japanese-language reporter Seiji has always thought of himself as a pretty normal guy. Well, as normal as anyone who dresses up like a Sweedish guitarist to boost his confidence during working hours.

But on New Year’s Day, Seiji discovered that he’s actually destined to be a legendary hero.

On the morning of January 1, while other people were on their way back from watching Japan’s first sunrise of the year, Seiji was on his way to Akihabara, Tokyo’s mecca for all things otaku-related. Stepping out of the station gates, he made his was to the Radio Kaikan building, which houses a number of anime specialty shops, including one called Konshin.

Like many other shops in Japan, Konshin sells fukubukuro (“lucky bags”) to celebrate the new year. Each bag contains a mysterious selection of merchandise, but Konshin is nice enough to take a bit of the risk out of the equation for buyers by classifying its fukubukuro by series.

Though he was tempted by the Love Live! Sunshine!! bag, Seiji ultimately decided upon a fukubukuro with items from Fate. His decision was partially based on his being a fan of the sprawling anime/video game franchise, and partially based on the fact that one of the Fate bags had a mysterious protrusion extending from its top.

Once back at SoraNews24 headquarters, Seiji opened the bag, and discovered…

…that he now possessed the legendary sword Excalibur!

While the blade makes its original appearance in the Arthurian legends, the appearance of Seiji’s new melee weapon matches how it looks in the Fate series, where it’s wielded by franchise mascot/reincarnation-of-Arthur-as-a-cute-anime-girl Saber.

Granted, Seiji’s Excalibur is a little smaller than the one Saber swings around. Still, none of us dared oppose him as he stood in the middle of the office and held his sword aloft.


Oh, the bag also contained some Fate/Grand Order smartphone cases, key chains, and hand towels.

In closing, we’d like to warn you all that some rabble-rousers may try to spread vicious rumors that Seiji’s Excalibur is just a toy replica. Don’t believe them. We witnessed, with our own eyes, our reporter pulling the sword from the lucky bag, and so we’re pretty sure this is proof that Seiji really is the once and future king.

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