Warm your cockles with these smiling pups gleefully throwing themselves into the snow.

A cold snap hit Japan over the past few days, and as people rugged up and stayed warm indoors, some dog owners in the country’s coldest regions put on their coats and ventured outdoors.

As it turns out, one particular breed who didn’t mind the sub-zero walkies was the Shiba Inu. And while this Japanese dog breed is beloved at any time of the year, add a field of snow to the equation and the combination becomes almost too adorable to bear!

▼ Cute like a fox in the snow.


According to this owner, their Shiba was taken out for a toilet break, but ended up throwing itself gleefully into the snow instead.

A day earlier, the same dog had dived for treasure in the snow, despite the chilly minus-6-degree Celsius (21.2-degree Fahrenheit) weather.

Some Shiba went straight for mounds of snow, conquering them like mini mountains.


Even young puppies like the view from a mountain, even though they may need some more practice on getting down.

This Shiba’s journey to the top of a snow mountain is particularly moving, with the emotive music creating a scene that looks straight from a film.

▼ The same pup showed off its snow-covered ball-fetching skills the next day.

Another black Shiba stood out in the snow, literally, as it took in the beauty of its winter wonderland.

The next day, this pup chased after a bird, hilariously covering itself in snow in the process.

Nakkun ran off on an adventure but stopped and returned like a good doge as soon as he heard his name being called.

This cute pup made a beeline for a snow-covered stump, immediately sitting down and owning it like a boss.

▼ No bones about it, Shiba and snow are a winning combination.


With more snow forecast for Japan’s northern and western regions in the coming weeks, the good news is we’ll be able to enjoy more of these Shiba shenanigans in the near future.

Which is a win-win situation for us and Japan’s doge population.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@minpansukisuki