Enako is living her best life and getting paid millions of yen for it.

Back in 2016, Japanese cosplayer Enako blew everyone’s minds by announcing on television that she can earn more than one million yen (US$9,212) a month through cosplay.

Since then, her popularity has skyrocketed, with the 24-year-old now known as Japan’s “Number One Cosplayer” due to the jaw-dropping number of fans who gather to photograph her whenever she makes an appearance.

▼ Enako at Summer Comiket last year.

▼ And at Winter Comiket four months afterwards.

The semi-annual Comiket convention in Tokyo — the world’s largest fair dedicated to independent manga (dojinshi) and anime-style artists — is a big event on Enako’s calendar, and with all the interest surrounding her attendance at the convention, there’s also a lot of interest in how much money she pockets from the event.

After Summer Comiket wrapped up last year, Enako appeared on TBS’s Ariyoshi Japon variety show on TV, and when asked about her earnings from merchandise sales, she revealed that she earned around 10 million yen (US$92,123) in one day at the three-day Comiket convention.

Following Winter Comiket in December, Enako appeared on TV Tokyo’s Jikkuri Kiitarou ~ Star Kinkyou (Hi) Houkoku talk show, and when asked about her Comiket earnings again, she said she had pocketed 10 million yen once more, in just one day.

▼ Enako at her Comiket stall on Day One of the event in December, after all her merchandise had sold out.

Enako says she sold copies of her 76-page photo album for 2,500 yen apiece at Comiket, which made up a large portion of her earnings. Some other items available on that day included a 50-page photo booklet for 2,000 yen, and a Comiket-exclusive set that included both books, along with a 26-page Christmas photo book and an original bag for 6,000 yen.

▼ Fans went crazy in the comments when Enako shared this picture of the original bag on the day before Comiket.

2018 proved to be Enako’s most profitable Comiket year yet, and although her merchandise sold out on day one, the Nagoya-born cosplayer made sure she was there for her fans on each day of the event in December, appearing on day two at the booth for Tamagawa Boat Race speedboat gambling organisation.

▼ She also switched outfits on day two for the photo session with fans.

▼ And on day three, she appeared as the character Hestia from Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

The extra appearances would’ve added to her already impressive income, and during her TV interview on Jikkuri Kiitarou, Enako also mentioned that she can earn around 1 million yen for a commercial. However, Enako says that 80 percent of her income comes from her self-produced merchandise.

Then Enako drew gasps from presenters and audience members when she revealed that in a good year she can earn up to 30 million yen ($276,370).

With her earnings growing by the year, the future looks bright for Enako. Here’s hoping some of the other cosplayers from day one, two and three of Winter Comiket 2018 also get to reach her level of fame — and fortune — in the future one day!

Source: Narinari via Livedoor NewsMy Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@enako_cos