Fill that tummy and start your day strong for zero yen.

There are plenty of Internet cafes available for people to catch a good night’s rest in Japan, but the chain known as Kaikatsu Club has some of the most affordable plans available on the market, offering access to luxurious facilities that rival those found in hotels.

As an added bonus, customers can now indulge in its latest promotion offering unlimited fluffy bread and crispy fries every day from 6 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., ensuring that no one starts their day on an empty stomach.

▼ A godsend for people traveling on a budget
or those who miss the last train home.

A few simple requirements are outlined on their website, but they are all standard all-you-can-eat Japanese practices like returning cutlery and trays back to collection points, as well as not allowing take-out.

Netizens were pleasantly surprised at the news, particularly those who visit Kaikatsu Club on a regular basis:

“It’ll be a busy period for staff.”
“Whoa! All the more reason to go to my favorite Internet cafe.”
“Wait, so fries are absolutely free, too?”
“I want to sandwich a piece of bread between fries and eat it.”

Not every branch is running the campaign, so remember to check out which stores do over here before settling into one of their cozy rooms.

The Internet cafe industry in Japan is a competitive one, with some featuring laundry and mail delivery services all in an affordable package that costs a fraction of a hotel’s price. And even though free breakfast bread and fries is by no means a big deal for some people, it does allow us that option to save up a bit of money and spend it on more fulfilling things.

Source: Kaikatsu Club via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@kaikatsuclub_jp