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We love to talk about food. Whether we’re salivating about new food, getting grossed out by weird combinations, or pining away about foods we can’t eat anymore, the topic of food is rarely far from our lips. There are certain foods that we always sit up and take notice for. One is ramen, a wonderful delicacy of Japan, and another is donuts, the staple breakfast food of an office worker. So, what happens when you mash those two worlds together?

A ramen donut, obviously.

Yes, we said a ramen donut! This flavorful combination of carbs and carbs is available at specific Osaka Ohsho stores in Tokyo and Osaka. This fusion of ramen and donut is the perfect combination of crunchy, fried bread on the outside and juicy minced meat and spicy ramen noodle on the inside. The presentation reminds us of curry bread (in Japanese, karē pan), which is a fried donut stuffed with delicious curry. The two breads share another commonality as it allows you to eat a food you traditionally sit down for, on the go.

This amazing combination resulted from the Eat and Menu Grand Prix which asked the employees of Eat-And Corporation to submit new ideas for food products. This ramen donut is no flash in the pan, as it took first prize out of a hundred entries.

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For a very limited time only, until September 30, you can grab one of these bad boys at select Osaka Ohsho stores in Osaka (Dotonburi Main store and Hirakatashi Station) or Tokyo (Shinagawa and Iwamotocho). For only 210 yen (US $1.95), this tasty treat will fulfill your stomach as well as your dream of slurping ramen as you walk down the street!

ramen donut 1

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