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While the stories for Final Fantasy games generally have nothing to do with each other, there have been a few threads that tangentially tie the games together, such as magic, a character named Cid, and an airship. Another popular element is a set of characters that have been around since the third installment of the game, the humble Moogles.

So when the official Final Fantasy XV Twitter account polled its followers to see if they wanted the beloved Moogles in the franchise’s newest game, the obvious answer was a resounding, “Of course, kupo!”

Sometimes, you just have to give the fans what they want, and Hajime Tabata, the game’s director, announced that there is now be a plan for the Moogles to appear in the game.

The fact that this question was even asked puzzled a lot of fans, considering how iconic Moogles have become in the series. They’ve had varying roles and different looks, but they’ve always been lurking about in most of the games.

After the closing of the polls, Tabata made the following announcement to all the fans.

It’s good to know that addition of Moogles won’t hinder the development process, as many fans has been waiting 10 years for the release of this game. This minor Moogle news was followed by a Tweet announcing that great progress has been made on the game and fans should get ready for a big event that will be held in March 2016. Maybe at that time we will finally learn the official release date! Whatever the news is, we can at least be content knowing that the little Moogles will make their return in Final Fantasy XV, and not just as a stuffed animal in a semi-truck as previously seen in promotional screenshots.

▼ Where’s the Moogle?

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Source: Hachima Kiko
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