No flaws will be missed under the thorough eyes of these meow-chanics!

If you’re an avid cyclist, regular inspections and maintenance of your bicycles are essential. Even if all you ride is a simple city bike that you take to work and back, you’ll still want to have a professional take a look at it every once in a while to make sure it’s in good condition.

That’s where these Meowchanics come in. They conduct thorough inspections of bicycles to make sure they’re safe for the road, as documented by Japanese Twitter user @RYO_scultura400.

▼ “It safely passed the inspection.”

In the video, the diligent kitties are carefully examining the bike, pulling on the spokes to make sure they’re properly affixed, checking the chains for rust, and inspecting the pedals for proper attachment. When they see that the owner has returned to claim their bike, they give the front tire one last look over before finishing off their inspection, and one of them scampers off.

What scrupulous eyes! What amazing professionalism! And those aren’t even the only hardworking cats of Japan. This person also had some pawfessionals take a look at their bike, although one appeared to be taking on more of a supervisory role.

▼ “I received the same inspection.”

There are even repawmen who specialize in cars!

“Should we take off the tire?”
“This doesn’t look good.”
“There’s an oil leak.”
“Yoshida! Bring me a wrench!”

As expected, @RYO_scultura400’s tweet went viral overnight, collecting more than 130,000 likes and almost 40,000 retweets in just two days, thanks to netizens who were impressed with the thoroughness of the inspection:

“That’s a very scrupulous double-check. They look like they have discerning eyes that don’t miss mistakes. I’m glad you passed.”
“They look very strict.”
“I’ve had a cat inspect my bicycle too! They’re surprisingly thorough.”
“Wait hahaha That’s so cute lol”
“Which bicycle shop is that?”
“You must feel reassured now.”

One netizen even supplied a helpful dialogue translation for us (since cats understand us, but can’t always talk back):

“Cat 1: Hmm…how’s the chain?
Cat 2: Senpai! The chain is super clean!
Cat 1: OK. And can this front tire withstand my cat punch? *grunts and punches*
Cat 2: It didn’t even tremble, senpai!
Cat 1: Good. It passes.”

When all was said and done, @RYO_scultura400 was glad to have received the adorable inspection, and appreciated that such a complete examination was free. You, too, should consider recruiting your neighborhood bicycle meowchanic for your bike’s meowntenance, especially if you’re planning another cross-country bicycle trip to Comiket!

Source: Twitter/@RYO_scultura400 via Hamster Sokuhou
Featured Image: Twitter/@RYO_scultura400

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