Can’t make it to Shibuya? Don’t worry, because Nintendo Tokyo is ready to open its treasure trove to online shoppers.

Last year, Nintendo opened Nintendo Tokyo, the video game company’s first official store in Japan. We visited on opening day, and for any Nintendo fan who happens to be in Tokyo’s Shibuya neighborhood, it’s a definite must-visit.

And for any fan who’s not in Shibuya…well, you were out of luck. A huge amount of Nintendo Tokyo’s awesome merchandise lineup is exclusive to the store, and not offered by Nintendo anywhere else. However, that’s finally changing as Nintendo has begun making part of the Nintendo Tokyo-exclusive inventory available for online purchase!

Striking while the iron is red-hot, the first of Nintendo Tokyo items to go up for sale on the My Nintendo Store online shop are a salute to the biggest breakout hit in video gaming this year: Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In keeping with the slow lifestyle simulator’s core values, there’s a wide array of lifestyle goods so that you can bring the aesthetics of your virtual home into your real-life one.

K.K. Slider, Timmy, and Tommy on kitchen canisters and storage boxes

Isabelle drinkware

With Animal Crossing being many people’s best-loved source of entertainment during the stay-home-because-of-coronavirus era, it’s also a no-brainer that Nintendo has a set of pajamas for you to wear during your weekend on the couch/your island.

But the lineup isn’t strictly homebody-oriented, as it also has equipment for when you do venture outside your home, such as bags, thermoses, and bento boxes.

The entire lineup, which also includes hand towels, slippers, and oven mitts, is available online here. Perhaps best of all, Nintendo has said this is merely the first round of Nintendo Tokyo merchandise it’ll be adding to the online store, and if you want a sneak peek of what the future might hold, you can check out more of the Shibuya shop’s currently exclusive items in our in-depth on-site report here.

Source: Nintendo via IT Media
Top image: My Nintendo Store
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