It turns out rabbits are pretty small under all that fluff.

Though usually cute to watch, videos of pet rabbits also prove the animal’s strange and sometimes sexually-charged behaviors and fondness for balloons. And now we’ve got another bit of bunny trivia to add to our collection: Did you know they are also master escape artists?

When Twitter user @myuu_Gt uploaded a video of their rabbit escaping its cage, the Internet went wild over not just how smoothly it slid out between the bars, but at how fast it was.

▼ “You’ve got to be kidding me…”

Let’s break it down into steps. First, the ball of fluff sticks its nose–only its nose–through one of the tiny squares of its cage walls.

▼ Does this mean the circumference of its entire body is the same as its nose?

Next, it slides its head out, pushing against the wires below to fit its torso through.

▼ This is the moment that makes you think, “What?!?”

Then it’s all smooth sailing. It only takes one more second before the bunny is completely free, sniffing around in its much bigger cage.

▼ No cage can keep this bunny contained.

The video generated a storm of flabbergasted comments.

“Rabbits are liquid??”
“It’s magic!”
“This cage doesn’t do its job at all.”
“A rapid rabbit escape!”
“You should put it in a hamster cage instead.”

Netizens also posted their own videos of the seemingly liquid properties of both rabbits and other rodents.

▼ Here’s a shot of a rabbit squeezing its way through a small hole in a bag.

▼ Hamsters have the same magical traits as well.

So why did @myuu_Gt’s try to slip away in the first place? We may never know, but if we had to guess, we’d say maybe it was just playing around, or it wanted to escape to Japan’s Rabbit Island.

Sources: Hamusoku, Twitter/@myuu_Gt
Featured image: Twitter/@myuu_Gt
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