We were on the scene to snap up shots of all the star-studded Sanrio stock!

Sanrio has been cranking out some of the world’s most beloved mascot characters for decades now, and the queen of the corporation is none other than the adorable Miss Kitty White (also known as Hello Kitty). But each new year comes with a new batch of gorgeous goods for all the company’s flagship franchises, so how better to showcase those upcoming products than with the yearly Sanrio Expo?

Members of the public have to enter a lottery to attend the expo, but don’t worry. SoraNews24 sent our own Japanese-language reporter Mariko Ohanabatake to bring back all the juiciest gossip about Kitty and her entourage.

▼ Ohanabatake poses with the queen of kawaii herself.

This year marks Kitty’s 45th anniversary, but the 45th anniversary for My Melody and Little Twin Stars will happen just next year. Sanrio’s cooked up a whole range of fun lines for the coming months, so let’s get stuck in!

The magic starts as soon as you enter the Expo space, with a glorious booth decked out in Kitty’s signature colors.

The shelves are filled with updates of some classic lines, including the stylish ’80s monochrome line-up, the 90s “pink quilted” goods and some of the first products to show Kitty facing (sort of) to the side. Even some special variants like the tan Hawaiian Kitty were on show!

But of course the 45th anniversary will bring out its own brand spanking new line, and the feature here is Kitty wearing some groovy red glasses with petal-tastic frames. You can even buy a pair for yourself to match her!

Naturally, there was a glass case filled with sparkly trinkets for Kitty fans with a little more spending money.

And it wouldn’t be Kitty if she didn’t have a collaboration up her sleeve! Here she is with the cute bee mascot from tea company Karel Chapek. Her signature tea flavor is apple, of course – she’s famously three apples tall, after all!

The expo also promoted the upcoming “Sanrio Gift Gate Asakusa” that will be opening in Tokyo’s Asakusa district this April. The Kitty-print rickshaw makes a striking impression!

And following off that old-world, classic Japan theme, guests were treated to a sneak peek of some items, like these cute toasty confectioneries featuring various characters.

But while Sanrio (and multiple other companies) owe a lot to Kitty, we can’t neglect the company’s other characters: and not least My Melody, who will be turning 45 herself next year.

She’s looking very pretty in pink, and has a gorgeous spread of fancy purses and handbags to save up for.

And she’s getting in on the collaborative action too, with new merchandise featuring Suzy’s Zoo!

According to the Expo, My Melody fans have even more exciting things to look forward to! From April My Melody will get her own radio show, MyMelo Therapy. In the show she’ll give advice to help young girls to nurture their hearts and dreams, and soothe listeners with her soft cute voice!

We also saw booths from other Sanrio heavy hitters…

▼ Fluffy pup Cinammoroll!

▼ Creme caramel dog Pom Pom Purin!

▼ Look how cute this sleepy plush is!

▼ Croaking frog mascot Keroppi looks stylish in green

Gudetama had an impressively regal statue in his honor

▼ Who doesn’t associate sports gear with a lazy egg?

Bad Badtz-Maru scowls and tries to look cool

▼ Fish boy Hangyodon is from the 80s but still has his share of fans!

▼ Doggy pal Pochacco is another nostalgic fave.

Pekkle is a duck from the ’90s who’s getting a new lease of life.

▼ There are lots of retro faves stocked up in plush form just waiting to be snapped up!

▼ And My Melody isn’t the only one flashing fancy new bags. Everyone’s joining in the fun!

The Expo had various costumed characters wandering around: not only Kitty but also Pochacco, Pom Pom Purin and Batz-Maru. Ohanabatake was lucky enough to secure classic pup mascot Pochacco for a photo opportunity.

The Expo also had limited edition sweets fashioned in cuter-than-cute shapes!

▼ A cheesecake chunk wrapped in a Kitty ribbon, a cake pop festooned with Pom Pom Purin’s butthole and a My Melody cupcake.

And if there was a chance of getting lost in the Expo’s maze of booths, fear not! Bad Batz-Maru, the allegedly grumpy penguin, is being uncharacteristically helpful and will point you wherever you need to go. Ohanabatake documented him wherever he cropped up!

“I’m not in any of the exhibits here, but this is the main hall!” “No need to thank me for the souvenir!”

But wait, there’s even more: a vending machine stocked with themed drinks, but also mini-size plush inside bottles!

There’s lots to look forward to in 2019 where Sanrio’s concerned: stay tuned to Kitty’s YouTube channel for more updates!

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