Police press attacker to the pavement in take-down.

Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighborhood is packed with entertainment options, with block after block filled with shops, restaurants, pubs, and movie theaters. The district is even home to the city’s densest enclave of host and hostess bars.

On a recent night out in Shinjuku, however, Japanese Twitter user @oishiiwakenai ran into a man who wanted to get his jollies by grabbing her and forcibly licking her face.


@oishiiwakenai is the woman in purple in the video she tweeted, which she says was recorded by a friend who was with her at the time. She had never seen the man before, but as she walked past him he grabbed her. “The video starts in the middle [of the incident]” @oishiiwakenai tweets, “but he did many other things to me.”

While she doesn’t go into detail about what those other things were, what’s shown in the video alone is plenty damning. As the man continues to lick her check, @oishiiwakenai eventually resorts to going limp, letting her body fall to the pavement in order to slip out of his grasp. Once she does, the man raises his arms above his head in triumph, then high-fives someone who’s standing just out of frame. He then points to where @oishiiwakenai is lying on the ground, saying “In the end, she’s just a woman.” As a rebuttal, @oishiiwakenai aims a kick at either the man’s knee or testicles, but it doesn’t carry enough force to even dampen his mood, as he turns directly to the camera and tauntingly says “In the end, this is all women who act all cool for being part of a sub-culture really are.”

After that, @oishiiwakenai says a female police officer arrived on the scene, but the victim herself got up and left the area without talking to her, saying “I didn’t want to get involved in anything that would be a pain to deal with.”

The video elicited outrage on Twitter, with commenters saying:

“How disgusting.”
“This should count as attempted rape.”
“Watching this sends a chill down my spine.”
“I’d like to catch this guy and stick a knife in him.”
“They should bury him alive in concrete.”

Unfortunately for those nodding their heads vigorously in agreement to those last two suggestions, such violent measures are not allowed under the Japanese legal system. What is allowed, though, is for a half-dozen police officers to work together in order to tackle the man and pin him to the ground, which is exactly what happened later that night.


It’s not clear what happened to the man’s ostensible friend whom he high-fives in @oishiiwakenai’s video, nor what his specific beef with women who are active in subculture circles is. He can now add to his personal wealth of societal niche knowledge, though, as a first-hand recipient of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s taiho-jutsu martial arts submission holds.

Source: Twitter/@oishiiwakenai via Jin, Twitter/@YOLIWhMO3jNbzyy
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