Shibuya never sleeps, but these people who partied there are catching some alcohol-induced Zs.

As the home of many of Tokyo’s trendiest clothing shops, the Shibuya neighborhood is a great place for people-watching, since you’re always sure to see a parade of the newest fashions and styles. However, with Shibuya also having a huge selection of bars and clubs, on any given night you can also be sure to see at least a few people who’ve had way too much to drink.

Twitter account Shibuya Meltdown (@SHIBUYAMETLDOWN) isn’t purely dedicated to documenting the district’s drunks, since its description is just “People sleeping in Shibuya.” It’s hard to imagine the posture and position of the people shown here coming from anything other than copious amounts of beer, cocktails, wine, or sake (or perhaps some combination of all four). Because of how much Shibuya likes to party, Shibuya Meltdown’s mission is never-ending, and now has a whole new batch of photos and videos since the last time we took a look at its collection.

▼ You have to wonder if the second guy seen lying on the sidewalk went down as hard.

▼ Well, at least he’s not smoking.

▼ If you’re too drunk to actually walk across the street, you should probably stay out of the crosswalk.

▼ Slightly better

▼ Now if only a crying woman would come along, his T-shirt’s prophecy would be complete.

▼ The mark of a truly experienced boozehound is when he looks for softer spontaneous outdoor sleeping accommodations than the pavement.

▼ Though in this case, he’s probably trading a stiff back for a traumatized nose.

▼ Taking the double risk of being stepped on and smacked with visually impaired people’s walking sticks.

Of course, you can sort of see why some people just ended up sleeping wherever they happened to be when you consider how hard it can be to move from Point A to Point B when you’re this drunk, even if you don’t have to walk.

Even taking the train can get tricky when you can’t sustain any sort of verticality, or seem to keep your backside connected to the seat.

So remember: while the alcohol flows freely in Tokyo, it’s always important to know your limits when going out drinking.

Source: Twitter/@SHIBUYAMELTD0WN via Jin