SoraNews24 sends our thrifty reporter to test a set of sponge curlers, so he looks like an old-timey housewife. And that’s before he takes them out.

When there’s discount goods in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? That’s right – SoraNews24’s resident cheap thrillseeker Go Hattori. Go has experienced multiple varieties of the non-committal “Party Wig?” and the mega-convenient “Hair Extension Bangs”, and lately he’s got a real passion for putting pomp into his perm.

The “Fairy Hair Curler” had already proven its worth, but feedback from Japanese commenters told him that going through all the hassle of drying and cooling his hair was a waste. After all, you can just fall asleep with your curlers in and wake up fabulous… Or so the common knowledge goes.

What a coincidence! When Go was browsing popular 100-yen store Daiso, he came across a package of hairpin-style curlers that say “easy to sleep in” right on the package! It was clearly fate!

▼ If you’re looking for medium size curls, hairpin curlers are the way to go.

▼ They look like one of those fish cake tubes you get in oden, but made of sponge.

Once night fell, he could start his preparations. Go combed through his wild mane first, so he’d have a smooth foundation for those future curls.

Then he twiddled and twirled the hair around the curlers using his fingertips, just like a professional.

Finally, he just had to lock the long prong of the curler into the hole at the top…

But of course, one curler wasn’t enough to tame Go’s tangles. He needed to use all three packs that he’d bought, making this perm cost a pricey 300 yen (US$2.69). Still less than buying a wig!

Fully ensconced in sponge tubes, Go looked like some sort of strange and vibrant monster. Good thing no one but SoraNews24’s readers would see him in this compromising state! Anyway, with all that done, it was time for bed.

▼ *snore*

After a nice bit of shut-eye, it was time to check the results!

▼ Good morning, Go!

With trembling fingers, he unlocked each one of the sponge hair clips…

Oh my God!

▼ A beautiful bouffant hairstyle!

Having achieved Olivia Newton John level curls, Go immediately did his patented hair tousle to flare it all out.

Now he could live out his dream as a vintage pop legend. What do you guys think?

▼ “I get a young Michael Jackson vibe from this look.” – Go Hattori, 2018

Sure, Go.

Then he abruptly switched tack and decided he looked more like Hideki. As there are many young men called Hideki in Japan, we asked him to be more specific, to which he said “Both Matsui and Saijo”. While Go has imitated baseball star Hideki Matsui before, this is the first time we’ve seen him attempt ’70s pop idol Hideki Saijo.

▼ Hideki Saijo is renowned for bringing the Western hit “Y.M.C.A.” to Japan

▼ Go Hattori is renowned for impersonating old celebrities like Hideki Matsui (left) and Hideki Saijo (right)

Resplendent with a crown of fluffy hair, Go was imbued with enough joy to belt out a tune for us.

▼ This GIF is mute, so you can just let him happily sing along with the embedded video above.

One more hair toss for our final verdict…

(^O^) OH YEAH (^O^)

Turns out all those commenters were on to something. Curl your hair before you curl up for bed, and you really will have a cool ‘do on top of your head! With his Showa-era youth recaptured, Go better head down to the disco fast before this look goes even further out of date.

Images ©SoraNews24