This creative depiction of Japan’s new era will play tricks on your mind and your eyes.

Japan has been abuzz with the recent news of the naming of Japan’s upcoming era, Reiwa. We’ve known about the Emperor Hirohito’s abdication for a while now, but we didn’t know until the start of this month that that the following reign would be called Reiwa, or “beautiful harmony,” according to the government’s official English translation.

People have been commemorating the announcement with everything from calligraphy to making anime characters based off the new name. Twitter user @tdaiki1216, meanwhile, chose to create a piece of wire art that acts as a 3-D representation of the passage of time.

The first few seconds of the video show a piece of wire art that reads “Heisei” (平成), or the name of Japan’s current era. However, when the wire art is rotated to a certain angle, it reveals itself to also be a perfect replica of the kanji characters for “Reiwa” (令和).

Twitter users were impressed with its timeliness just as much as its impact, seeing as the video was posted just hours after the official announcement.

“Wow!! You made this in such a short amount of time?”
“I’m shaking…I’m shaking!”
“The ages turn.”
“Crafts like this can be so cool!”

@tdaiki1216 followed up on his original Tweet with an additional comment about wire art a few days later.

“Thank you for so many retweets! Wire can be used not only as trick art like I did here; it has a lot of different uses and expressions depending on how you use it, making it a very versatile material! I hope some of you become interested in wire art after seeing this Reiwa piece.”

We’re excited to see how else Reiwa will be celebrated while enjoying our commemorative gold-leaf seasoned potato chips.

Source: Twitter/@tdaiki1216 via Japaaan
Featured image: Twitter/@tdaiki1216
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