Two months after its tantalizing Cat Day joke, Suntory gives feline fans what they want.

They say that good things come to those who wait, and in Japan, where cuteness is always considered good, that means that cute things will come as well. Way back on February 22, which is also known as Cat Day in Japan, Suntory tweeted out a photo of something the beverage company had made just for fun: caps for its line of bottled water that had adorable kitty ears!

Japan has always had a soft spot for cute cats, and the online response was tremendous. Now, two months later, Suntory has decided take its cat caps beyond the concept stage, and, in response to the overwhelming number of people who said they wanted a cat cap of their own, has produced a batch for distribution.

▼ The instructional video shows that the cat cap is actually a cap for your bottle’s cap, making it the world’s most lovable redundancy fail-safe.

However, while Suntory’s bottled water can be found in any convenience store in Japan, the cat caps will be much rarer items. Since the sound of cats meowing in Japanese (nyao) sounds similar to the Japanese word for “two” (ni), Suntory is giving away 22 cat caps, completely free of charge (although at least one commenter is, understandably, asking Suntory to reconsider and instead produce 22,222 caps).

The 22 winners will be selected from among people who follow Suntory’s official Twitter account (found here) and retweet the below tweet by May 7.

Good luck, and remember that if you’re not lucky enough to win a cat cap, there are still plenty of other ways to show your feline fealty while sipping a relaxing beverage, though we’re keeping our fingers crossed that Suntory eventually bows to popular demand and makes the cat caps a regular part of their product packaging.

Source: Livedoor News/Narinari via Jin
Featured image: Suntory
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