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February 22, aside from looking really cool with triple twos, is officially known as Cat Day (Neko no Hi) in Japan. The Japanese word for “two” (ni) sounds similar to the word for “meow” (nyan), and so a day commemorating Japan’s favorite felines was born. It’s well known that Japan is home to cat cafés and a cat island, and almost everyone has seen at least one of Maru’s videos, so it’s no surprise Neko no Hi exists. So in honor of Cat Day in Japan, let’s celebrate by watching adorable videos of Japanese cats.

Some Japanese cats like to wear hats of any kind.

They also like to straddle TVs.

A lot.

Like really, a lot.

Cats in Japan also fight rice cookers.

And live crabs.

They love 10 yen coins.

And some really really like the snow.

Happy Cat Day, everyone! Now go out and hug your favorite neko!