Many things go well with coffee, but zesty lime has got to be one of the boldest combinations.

Walk into Starbucks and you will likely find yourself torn between choosing the two new tantalizing strawberry Frappuccinos. With chunky pieces of delicious fruit and white velvet mocha, it’s hard to look at anything else besides these sweet offerings.

Yet beneath all that strawberry craze lays another brand new treat that Starbucks aficionado K. Masami almost missed on her visit to the coffee chain: the Cold Brew Lime (450 yen, US$4).

▼ Only the bright green border around the item told her it was not usually on offer.

Cold brew is a time-consuming process where coffee beans are steeped in cold water, drawing out natural flavors and providing a taste profile vastly different from hot water extraction.

▼ Add a splash of lime and you get Cold Brew Lime.

Mellower and smoother than traditional hot coffee, Masami was glad the lime’s acidity did not overwhelm the aromatic drink. If anything, the zesty flavor complemented the fragrant bitterness in a combination she found irresistible.

▼ The slice of dried lime made Masami feel as if
she were handling a fancy cocktail at a bar.

▼ What a delightful way to spend a spring afternoon.

Finishing the Cold Brew Lime down to the last drop under a warm afternoon sun, Masami felt contentment well up despite craving for another sip. Who knew that the lime matched so well with good-quality coffee?

Simple flavors suited her best, though sometime she definitely had to try out that complex Frappuccino with a super long name few people could remember.

Images: SoraNews24
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