Host club royalty Roland demonstrates his night-time routine, claims it’s not dissimilar to yours

Japan’s infamous host shows off his down-to-earth night-time regimen and his luxurious home.

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Working class Mr. Sato braves visiting a fancy hotel to buy a highly rated strawberry cream bread

Is one sweet snack worth the emotional torture of feeling like a trespasser?

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We drink a gold leaf-covered chocolate drink from Godiva and pretend we’re rich【Taste Test】

A delectable chocolate drink shrouded in gold? Count us in!

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We tried out the new Starbucks Cold Brew “Lime” coffee and it tasted unexpectedly refreshing

Many things go well with coffee, but zesty lime has got to be one of the boldest combinations.

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In Japan, a professional chef will come to your home and cook for you—and your cat【Video】

Nestlé Japan is offering a new service which allows cats and their humans to dine together. Are you ready to go where no pet owner has gone before?

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Famed sleeper train to be retired, turned into luxury mobile hotel “Twilight Express Mizukaze”

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Japan is kind of the King of Trains. In addition to the well-known commuter trains, there are also popular sightseeing trains, and believe it or not, head-down-lower-than-your-shoulders and drooling-on-the-guy-in-the-seat-next-to-you aren’t the only ways to sleep while riding the rails in Japan, because the country actually has some pretty great sleeper trains too!

Train fanatics will soon be mourning the loss of one such train, however, as Japan’s longest running sleeper train, Twilight Express, is scheduled to do its final run on March 12 from Osaka to Sapporo. Sad as it is, there is a silver lining to this story as the retired train is going to be replaced by a new train that would frankly run its senpai off the tracks, the “Twilight Express Mizukaze.”

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