A decadent mix that’s only on the menu for a limited time. 

Just last week we got a taste of a new Frappuccino in Japan that almost satiated our Starbucks pink drink cravings.

However, on 20 May, the pink-hued beverage evolved, with Starbucks releasing a new chocolate version, simply called “Starbucks Strawberry Frappuccino Chocolate ver.”

Priced at 715 yen (US$5.58), this new version is a little more expensive than the Starbucks Strawberry Frappuccino we previously tried, which was on the menu for 660 yen, but that’s because you get all the fun of the original, with the addition of chocolate chips and sauce.

▼ The only thing better than strawberries and cream is strawberries, chocolate and cream.

Our reporter K. Masami was on hand to bring her expert palate to the taste test, but after speaking to staff about the best way to enjoy the new drink, she ended up being swayed into a customisation that involved the addition of white mocha syrup and a switch from regular milk to soy milk.

▼ The customisations were priced at 55 yen each (prices below are before tax)

She also requested it be served in a glass, which was a great decision as it gave the whole thing an added air of beauty.

The first thing Masami noticed about the drink was how the strawberry and chocolate sections were still somewhat separate.

This is one of the things Masami loves about seemingly simple blended-flavour drinks at Starbucks. When the two flavours are together but separate at the same time, it allows you to mix and enjoy them to your liking, giving you even more opportunities to customise the taste profile.

Here, the strawberry side was fresh and fruity, with a tart sweetness that lingered in the finish. The chocolate side, on the other hand, was sweet and creamy, acting as the naughtier of the two.

▼ Like having a sweet angel on one shoulder and a sweet-talking devil on the other.

Together, though, they were a match made in heaven, combining to create the best of both worlds in every sip. It was a decadent desert drink that tantalised Masami’s Frappuccino-loving taste buds, and while the white mocha sauce added even more sweetness to counterbalance the tartness of the strawberry, the soy milk helped to lighten the creaminess of the drink, making for a very clever customisation.

The only downside to this drink is that it’s only on the menu for a very limited time, until 31 May. So if you’d like to send your taste buds in to dance with an angel and a sweet-talking devil, head out to your nearest Starbucks while you can — or visit them all in Shinjuku if you dare!

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