Budget-friendly chain uses Japan’s best green tea for menu so mouthwatering we’re ready to eat them as our main course.

We just spent the last several minutes staring longingly at photos of a beautiful, mouthwatering collection of matcha desserts, and luckily for us, they’re all available at the same restaurant. But while we’re usually up for distant, difficult quests to appease the desires of our taste buds, this time we won’t have to venture into any hidden teahouses or rarefied patisseries, because these matcha marvels are being offered by Denny’s in Japan!

And it’s not like the famously budge-friendly chain has cheaped out on the ingredients, either. The dessert lineup uses only green tea from Uji, the Kyoto town that produces Japan’s highest-quality matcha.

Starting things off is the dynamic Uji Matcha The Sunday (878 yen [U$8.05]), which is a great choice for the hungry and/or indecisive, since it packs a variety of delicious punches. Aside from green tea ice cream made with stone-milled first-harvest ichibancha matcha, there’s hojicha (roasted green tea) cream, shiratama mochi dumplings, azuki sweet red beans from Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido, and, perhaps most appealing of all, matcha brownies which will soak up all of those other delicious ingredients they sit atop, becoming multi-flavor mouthfuls.

If you want a more classical Japanese dessert, the Okoicha (“Deep Tea”) Gelatin (438 yen) also uses first-harvest matcha for its green tea base, onto which kuromitsu brown sugar syrup is poured before you grab a spoon and eat up the shiratama and sweet beans that are hiding beneath the surface.

If you can’t imagine going to Denny’s and not getting pancakes, the Uji Matcha Pancakes’ mixture of traditional buttermilk and green tea promises to both taste and smell amazing, and are accompanied by matcha powder-dusted whipped cream, azuki, and brown sugar syrup, and honey.

Or, if it’s some French flair you’re craving, the Uji Matcha Rolled Galettes (548 yen) have matcha powder kneaded into the dough before baking, and are filled with azuki and extra-soft gyuhi mochi.

And finally, if you’re just a little hungry (or perhaps such a match fan that you want to try two desserts), the Uji Matcha and Hojicha Mini Parfait (492 yn) gives you matcha ice cream, hojicha gelatin and cream, azuki, and shiratama in a compact yet dense package.

The matcha dessert menu will be available at Denny’s branches across Japan starting June 11 for a limited time, after which you’ll have to go back to making your own matcha pancakes.

Source: Denny’s
Top image: Denny’s
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