Denny’s Japan teams up with Paris patissier for premium-price 50th anniversary sweets【Taste test】

Sadaharu Aoki creates fancy matcha dessert to celebrate casual restaurant’s milestone.

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Is Denny’s Japan’s new ultra-expensive Amaou strawberry parfait worth it?【Taste test】

Prized Fukuoka fruit delivers joy to the taste buds, shock to the wallet.

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Three things you should eat at Denny’s in Japan, according to staff who work there

Recommendations from a staff member reveal what they really like to eat behind the scenes. 

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What’s on the all-you-can-drink menu at Denny’s Japan? 【Family Restaurant Drink Bar Showdown】

Join us as we size up the drink bar options at Japan’s top family restaurants, starting today with a trip to Denny’s.

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We eat at three Japanese family restaurants to find the one with the best-value breakfast

At which Family Restaurant do you get the best meal for your money at breakfast time? We find out!

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Denny’s Japan collaborates with Godiva for decadent, limited-edition dessert menu

Chocoholics, you have five very good reasons to visit this family restaurant.

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Denny’s opens take-out only branch in Tokyo with cheap, tasty Japanese bento boxed lunches

Curry, omurice also on the menu.

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Even Denny’s is awesome in Japan as diner chain rolls out new Kyoto Uji matcha green tea desserts

Budget-friendly chain uses Japan’s best green tea for menu so mouthwatering we’re ready to eat them as our main course.

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Denny’s Japan puts matcha desserts, including pancakes and tiramisu, on its menu

Denny’s customers can enjoy the taste of Kyoto’s Uji matcha green tea this summer.

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Denny’s Japan offers mountain of pancakes and ice cream to guests on their birthday—for free!

Join our Japanese writer on a taste-test of dreams. We promise this is the only birthday cake you’ll ever need!

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Denny’s is turning Japanese with its new location, offering rice, noodles, tempura and more

While there is nothing “American diner” about Denny’s in Japan, the well-known family restaurant chain is going all-out Japanese with its new location in Tochigi Prefecture.

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Our Japanese reporter gets a heaping helping of American Denny’s

Our Japanese writers are certainly no strangers to American cuisine or at least the lower echelons of it. Whenever in the USA they tend to try places unheard of in Japan or compare easy-to-order fast food fare like McDonald’s.

One place that’s often overlooked on these trips is Denny’s. Already a well-established “family restaurant” (low-priced restaurant with waiting staff) in Japan they just assumed it was more of the same in America too.

However, after his close encounter with an empty gate at Area 51, our reporter Go Hatori was cruising across the vastness of the US and began feeling a little fatigued. He suddenly spotted that familiar yellow sign of a Denny’s and thought it would be a good place to catch a quick little bite.

Little did he know what lay in store…

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Small-you-can-eat: Japanese netizens are not happy with Denny’s new endless pancakes offer

We really got our hopes up when we heard that Denny’s Japan is offering an all-you-can-eat pancake buffet. For 999 yen (US$9.40), we were promised a pancake paradise complete with whipped cream, a choice of different ice cream flavors, and free toppings. It sounded almost magical.

It turns out, however, that Denny’s promised land of pancakes is little more than an illusion, as a number of Japanese netizens who rushed to the restaurant to try out the buffet reported leaving feeling utterly disappointed, with some commenting that the sorry excuse for a pancake party left even their kids crying, “I’m still hungry!

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Denny’s Japan now offering all-you-can-eat pancakes! We’ll take 30!

It’s a fact: the world loves pancakes. That’s why we’re sure those of you who live outside of Japan will be jealous to hear that Denny’s Japan is offering an all-you-can-eat pancake deal that includes a variety of fruit, syrup, and ice cream toppings! The only thing better than this pancake buffet is the Japanese word for pancake: pankeiki. How cute is that?!

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A gourmet family restaurant? Six reasons why you should go to a Denny’s in Japan

Have you ever been to a Denny’s in Japan? If not, Yoshio, one of the reporters from our Japanese site, thinks it would be worth your while to make a visit to the family restaurant when you’re in Japan. Why? Well, Denny’s in Japan has quite a varied and tasty menu that’s quite different from what you can get in the United States. In fact, Yoshio says that one of his American friends even calls Denny’s in Japan the “gourmet Denny’s”! So, today we bring you six reasons from Yoshio why Denny’s in Japan is a great eatery that you should visit if you have the chance, and may even be the first restaurant you should go to in Japan.

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Questionable decisions: Denny’s releases instant jambalaya, we put it in our mouths

When it comes to cuisine from the United States, there’s just nothing like jambalaya. And you definitely don’t need to be from the South to enjoy it–who could say no to a hot plate of home-cooked jambalaya? Or, if you’re in Japan, a Denny’s cooked plate of jambalaya? Not us, that’s for sure.

But what about a microwaved cardboard cup of jambalaya? Well, we might need a minute to think about that one…

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Denny’s Japan to launch microwaveable version of its 40th anniversary jambalaya dish

You know how you sometimes sit at home watching TV and find yourself thinking, “Man, I wish I could eat a Denny’s meal right now. But, like, from a cup…”? Neither have we, but apparently that product is a real thing and is coming to stores in Japan very soon.

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When starting a new business, one of the most important things to do is build name recognition. An easy, if ethically questionable, way of doing this is to base your company’s name on an existing, more recognized brand, such as calling your new restaurant McBurgers, or your talent agency filled with only the most charming and pleasant-smelling individuals RocketGoodSmell24.

Of course, McDonald’s would probably put a stop to such a plan, even if you weren’t directly competing with them in the fast food market. In fact, the company would probably be all the more swift in dropping the hammer if you were setting up shop in an industry it wants to avoid any association with. For example, if you were a budding pimp and called your brothel McHumptown, you could expect an angry letter from the Golden Arches.

You know who else doesn’t like being connected to the skin trade? Denny’s, as three men in Japan who appropriated the restaurant’s logo for their sexual services company just found out.

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We try Denny’s Japan’s Massaman curry: The world’s most delicious food

In Japan, you’re never very far from a plate of tasty curry. You can find the Japanese version of the dish in casual restaurants, convenience stores, and train station lunch counters across the country, and any sizeable city will have at least one good Indian restaurant.

After domestic and Indian, Japan’s favorite type of curry is the Thai style, usually in ultra spicy green or red varieties. Thailand’s got one more variant, though, called Massaman curry, which ranked by CNN as the world’s most delicious food a while back.

With an endorsement like that, we were eager to try it for ourselves. Unfortunately, a trip to Thailand for dinner is a little beyond our budget, no matter how good the food may be. So instead, we hit up our local Denny’s branch, where you can get a plate of Massaman curry right now.

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Denny’s Japan to serve ‘the most delicious food in the world’

From May 27 you will apparently be able to eat ‘the most delicious food in the world’ at family restaurant chain Denny’s! Are they just blowing their own horn here? Well, not exactly.

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