The bus even comes with a heart-shaped window like the one at a famous Kyoto temple.

Over the years, people around the world have been falling in love with Japanese trains, which come decked out with pianos, anime characters, and even Japanese gardens.

Now, though, it’s time to shift our attention to Japanese buses, or at least, one bus in particular, which is making news for its stunning interior, designed to resemble the inside of a Japanese teahouse.

Called the Ujicha Bus (Uji Tea Bus), the new vehicle will make you feel as if you’ve stepped into a tearoom to enjoy a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

Inside, you’ll find a decorative tea canister by the front door as you enter, a hanging scroll with “tea” written on it in beautiful calligraphy at the back, and bamboo screens on the doors, windows and two of the seats.

The best thing about the interior, though, is its zen-like teahouse corner, located at the very back of the bus. This is where you’ll find a small table in between two seats, with a circular window behind one seat and a stunning heart-shaped window by the table.

This window is actually modelled on the heart-shaped window at Shojuin temple in Kyoto’s Ujitawara, an area famous for producing quality tea. Tourists have been flocking to the temple to photograph its beautiful window for their social media accounts.

The heart-shaped window on the bus is just as stunning as the one at the temple, only this one provides passengers with a view of an ever-changing landscape inside the heart as the bus travels along its route.

Other heart-shaped details can be found around the bus, including on its front, and on the stop buttons inside.

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宇治茶バスが走ります! 4/7(日)~11/24(日)の日曜・祝日限定で京都京阪バスが 当園近くの「奥山田正寿院口」まで運行されることになりました。 宇治駅から乗り継ぎなしで当園までお越しいただけるようになります。 茶壷や猪目窓(いのめまど)がデザインされた宇治茶バス。 ぜひ、この機会に宇治茶バスで〈茶園さんぽ〉にお越しください。 詳しい運行スケジュールは京都京阪バスさんのHPをご確認ください。 🍵週末はのんびり「茶園さんぽ」 開園時間 土日祝:10時~15時 Uji-cha bus, operated by Kyoto Keihan Bus is now available to visit our tea farm direct from Uji station without tranfer. In this bus, you will find heart shaped window or “Inomedo”, the symbol of Shojuin. The bus will be operated every Sundays and holidays from 4/7 (Sun) to 11/24 (Sun). For more information, please check the website of Kyoto Keihan Bus. 🍵Weekend open tea farm: 10:00-15:00 #小山園製茶場 #茶農喜左衛門 #sanou_kizaemon #茶園さんぽ #茶 #茶園見学 #農園見学 #京都観光 #tea #cha #té #ocha #japanesetea #teafarm #teagarden #tealovers #openfarm #宇治茶バス #ujichabus #京都京阪バス #宇治駅 #奥山田正寿院口 #茶壷 #猪目窓 #奥山田正寿院口 #正寿院

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Passengers who purchase a one-day pass for 1,300 yen (US$11.78) can also receive a round wooden ticket (only available in limited numbers) as a commemorative token to take home.

Fares start at 290 yen (US$2.70) and go up to 650 yen for a one-way journey, making the all-you-can ride day pass a good investment.

The Ujicha bus began regular service from April, and currently runs between Keihan-Uji Station and Okuyamada Shoujuin Guchi in Southern Kyoto. However, the bus only runs on Sundays and public holidays, and will only be in service until 24 November, with the schedule available in English here.

The new bus, which can also be chartered out for private groups and tours, was purchased and refurbished with funds from the Kyoto Tea Industry Convention Center and the Kyoto Yamashiro Japan Agricultural Cooperative. Their goal is to introduce more people to the beauty of Uji’s widely acclaimed tea-producing region, and help visitors to experience their famous green tea in a new and novel way.

It really is a unique way to travel around Uji, and if you’re visiting the region, you might want to stop off to try their matcha ramen too!

Source: Kyoto Keihan Bus
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